During civilization War II, tide of anti-German sentiment inspired some to describe hamburgers as "liberty sandwiches."

Note the discrepancy between WW1 and also WW2. The cited resource was an article in The Chive about WW2.

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Hamburgers to be renamed “Liberty Steaks” in stimulate to prevent the German-sounding name for a brief duration of time.

Note the discrepancy between "sandwiches" and also "steaks". The Chive doesn"t give a source.

The inconsistency in between articles and the bad referencing has all the signs of a insurance claim that is untrue. The is also comparable to liberty fries, which has actually a communication in truth, therefore the claim is remotely believable.

Did the U.S. Government ever make an initiative to readjust the surname of hamburgers come "liberty sandwiches" or "liberty steaks"?

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Yes, number of restaurants change the name hamburgers, however that doesn"t typical the US government was involved.

World war I example

From a 1976 interview with German-American T. Max Kniesche, who moved to mountain Francisco in 1907, and worked in restaurants and cafes there:

Teiser: What was it favor in mountain Francisco because that Germans during the very first world war? friend were functioning at a clearly German restaurant.

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Teiser: did you change the type of food the you served, or the decorations?

Kniesche: Well, the hamburger steak was Liberty Steak. French-friedpotatoes were Liberty Potatoes. We referred to as it Liberty, yet the liberty wasn"t there. Anyhow, every little thing went to "Liberty."

World battle II Example

This menu is native a new York cafe, in 1941:

Combination Grill, consists of 1 lamb chop, 2 sausages and 1 liberty steak.

(I suspect, native context, the "liberty steak" referred to a hamburger patty, and a "liberty sandwich" described a hamburger - a patty in a bun - yet I haven"t gained a referral for that.)