Hardly will certainly you lay your hand top top any history past concerns without coming throughout this infamous question: What event did emperor Nero add to the Olympics? Well, Emperor Nero included artistic competitions such as singing to the Olympics. However his factors is rather funny. Check out on to watch why.

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But before hitting the pond on the head, it’s essential we take a look at the historic antecedent the Nero.

Emperor Nero is one of the famous and also most significant rulers to have ever ruled the roman inn Empire.

In 66 A.D. Nero carried out a trip to Greece. Top top Nero’s official request, the Greeks postponed the lot anticipated Olympics video game that year.

This to be done simply to make sure the emperor could likewise participate.

Origin the the Olympics

The origin of the Olympics is shrouded in mystery. Many believe that the Olympics and also Pythagoras’ mathematical theorem were both invented independently. The is feasible that the gamings were designed in 776 BC – a day supported by documents of a games held in 776 BC at Olympia, Greece.

The old Greeks claimed to have actually invented the gamings in 776 BC at Olympia, which to be then claimed to be among the oldest Olympic sites. The records of this ancient games are currently lost, but it is now recognized that ancient records discussed several early Olympiads between 776 BC and also 393 BC.

Ancient historians additionally offer conflicting claims around how numerous times Athens hosted gamings prior come 393 BC. In the 4th century BC, Dionysius the Halicarnassus created that the Olympic gamings were hosted every 4 years native 776 BC.

Marcus Terentius Varro, a Roman chronicler in 140 BC, wrote: “Although in ancient times they to be celebrated but rarely, and also it is thought that during Romulus they were not celebrated for much more than 3 hundred and also forty-four years.”

Velleius Paterculus, a Roman chronicler writing in advertisement 100, wrote: “The Olympic games received their surname from King Pelops that Thessaly when he committed them come Jupiter. The Greeks to be accustomed to assemble every fifth year at the fountains that Pisa close to Olympia.”

A later historian, Plutarch, wrote that the games were founded by Heracles. However, us now know that this concept is incorrect together records present that Heracles was born around the time that the first Olympic games which were hosted in 776 BC.

For many years historians disagreed top top why Olympians contended naked. It was once believed that athletes completed without clothes as a authorize of purity and as a authorize of respect to their gods. According to Greek mythology, athletes contended naked after ~ King Lycurgus the Arcadia was killed by an arrow before he could finish tying his sandal strings.

Nero’s Murderous path to the Throne

Nero to be born Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, however took his acquainted name, Nero, when his great-uncle adopted him at the period of 13.


Nero’s tradition as Emperor

Nero ascended the throne together the Emperor that Rome in 54 A.D. After ~ the death of his father, Claudius. And at the time, that was simply 17 years old.

According to Historians, Nero is considered as the critical Roman leader of what is well-known as the Julio-Claudian ruling dynasty.

Being a young ruler with pride, he to be largely known for plenty of brutality act as a ruler. In fact, it to be reported that Nero murdered his first wife, allegedly his 3rd wife, and also his very own mother.

What’s more, plenty of historians likewise claimed that Nero to be behind the fire inferno the gutted the great Rome realm in 64 A.D.

All in an effort to restructure component of the city come his own personal taste. And also of course, this cost the Roman realm a most money thereby leading to Roman upstream to pay double of their initial taxes.

That alone contributed, greatly, to the loss of the empire. Nero at some point commit self-destruction in 68 A.D. Findings mirrors that he to be turned on by his own guards and also the Senate.

What event did emperor Nero add to the Olympics and also why?

Obviously, Olympic video game revolve about sports and sporting activities. But emperor Nero pomposity and tyrant dominion made him encompass some other activities into the competition.

All in an effort to accommodate himself right into the competition. And also remember, the Greece empire was quiet under the control and also management that the Roman realm at the time.

But his love for the Greek society is fascinating and also as such, the demanded the the splendid him, too, have to participate not matter what in the Olympic games.

Though Nero was never ever a an excellent singer, he added singing, to the Olympics game, due to the fact that of his an individual gain.

Surprisingly however expectedly, Nero would certainly participate and also win yellow in every occasion he added and participated in all due to the fact that of his condition as the emperor of the kingdom.

In fact, Nero participated in a chariot race and won also though the didn’t finish the race.

The event Emperor Nero include to the Olympics

Nero is the roman Emperor that famously set the city of Rome on fire. Yet what you might not know is that he also added an occasion to the Olympics, turning it right into a twenty-four hour event.

Although Nero’s extra donation to the Olympics has due to the fact that been gotten rid of from Olympic records, it stays one of numerous interesting facts about ancient Rome.

The occasion Emperor Nero added to the Olympics is singing and Drama


Singing: In Nero’s own words: ‘Athletic contests of every kinds will have actually taken location in the forenoon. In the afternoon there will certainly be a performance of tragedies, comedies, pantomimes, and the rest of it’. Therefore Emperor Nero added singing to the event.


Emperor Nero additionally went ahead to include Drama and acting come the Olympics so the he can participate. And also yes, you guessed right, us won this competition too.

Nero and also the Olympic Games

One the the factors why Emperor Nero included poetry, singing, and also drama right into the Olympics games was has a result of his love because that arts.

He equally had a keen attention in Greek culture.

He contested and also won countless of these games despite his unappealing skill.As if that’s not enough, the chariot race he participated in and also won a yellow medal, he dropped down on several occasions before he left the scene unfinished.


From the foregoing, friend should have the ability to know what event did emperor Nero add to the Olympics and the reason why he added them.

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And perhaps, the strength driving Nero Claudius Caesar go on to ruled the Roman empire from 54 A.D. Till he died (by committing sucide) 14 years after.

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