Naruto: how Did Orochimaru end up being a an excellent Guy? one of Naruto"s most enigmatic characters, Orochimaru was when an foe of Konohagakure however redeemed self by the time of Boruto.

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One of Naruto"s most enigmatic characters, Orochimaru, has long been an foe of Konohagakure. However, versus all odds, that went through a redemption arc and also became a good guy during the runtime of Boruto. Overall, Orochimaru is considered to be an upstanding citizen now, but how go the snake-person creepily obsess end Sasuke"s teenage body do such a correct transformation? since Orochimaru is a grasp shape-shifter, let"s study the character"s moral shift over the course of the franchise.

First and foremost, Orochimaru is a shinobi driven primarily by the quest of knowledge. He was curious about many points in the ninja world, conducting numerous gruesome experiment in his effort to find answers. After years of tinkering, his goal came to be to learn every Jutsu in existence, so he tried to make himself immortal in order come buy time. This quest for a vessel sparked his obsession with the Uchiha in general, and Sasuke in particular. In the Chunin Exams arc, Orochimaru preyed ~ above the original Team 7 in the woodland of Death, offering Sasuke his well known Curse Mark.

Here, Orochimaru cemented himself as Naruto"s most threatening rogue at the time, walking on to attack Konoha and kill the 3rd Hokage. This actions to be partially urged by his plans come abduct Sasuke, but additionally contained aspects of revenge, because Orochimaru feel betrayed at gift denied the place of Hokage through his mentor, the Third.

By the moment the Fourth an excellent Ninja War got to its climax, Orochimaru"s role in Naruto: Shippuden had substantially changed. Despite he was still infatuated v Sasuke, Orochimaru asserted to have actually no attention in the war, sharply contrasting the character that literally tried to begin a war through Konoha.

Faced through the limitless Tsukuyomi and Kaguya"s wrath, Orochimaru lastly acted heroically at end of Shippuden to conserve the world. Through this point, he"d checked out how strong Naruto and Sasuke had actually become, their powers easily surpassing his very own abilities. Castle weren"t those same kids in the forest anymore. After realizing his own inadequacy, Orochimaru conceded that he might never take Sasuke"s body and also relinquished the fate of the civilization to his former protégé. It"s in ~ this minute when Orochimaru embraces a more passive philosophy, preferring come watch change happen rather of causing readjust himself.

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Orochimaru Reincarnation true form
From below on out, Orochimaru is treated prefer he"s to be redeemed. He received a pardon for his assist during the war, i beg your pardon led him into Konoha"s an excellent graces. Under Hokage Naruto"s leadership, Orochimaru appears to be a good guy, sending his son, Mitsuki, come the Ninja Academy and generally cooperating with village affairs. Yet despite this apparent readjust of heart, there is quiet room come doubt Orochimaru"s intentions.

His habits toward Sasuke is a tad suspicious and Mitsuki just so happens to occupy the same Genin squad as Sasuke"s daughter, Sarada. Will Orochimaru use Mitsuki to go after Sasuke or his daughter for their DNA? Or will he continue to bide his time till the tide changes, perhaps giving him a chance to rise again? ~ all, Naruto won"t be Hokage forever, and the undying Orochimaru should have no problem with waiting for a few years.

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whatever the future may hold, Orochimaru definitely presents one interesting instance study that a villain-turned-good-guy in ~ the Naruto franchise. His story is an exciting one whether he proves to be friend, enemy or miscellaneous in between, however let"s not forget: as soon as a snake, constantly a snake.