The name “Ottawa” is from the Indian indigenous “adawe” meaning to trade. This surname was suitable because the the comprehensive trading with other tribes and their eventual involvement with the French. The Frenchman, Champlain, in 1615, videotaped meeting the Ottawa close to the French river in Canada. The Ottawa were very important to the hair trade. The Ottawa would go out and also trade the other tribes for their fur and then castle would profession that come the French. The Ottawa were normally counted as allies of the Huron and the French during the French and Indian war. The Ottawa stayed in wigwams, or wikis. Castle wore buckskin clothing.

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One of the biggest Indian chiefs to appear on the American continent was Chief Pontiac. Pontiac was the head of a loose confederacy consist of of Ottawa, Ojibwa, and also Pottawatomies.

The Ottawa people of Oklahoma is made up of progeny of the Ottawa who after moving from Canada into Michigan agreed to live in the area around Fort Detroit and the Maumee river in Ohio. After ~ the i of chairman Jackson’s Indian Removal invoice in 1830 there were villages in Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan. In 1833, they signed over your lands in Ohio, Michigan and Illinois. Castle were really hesitant come move, and it wasn’t till April 1837, that the Ottawa that Blanchard’s Fork, Roche de Boeuf, and also Oquanoxies’s town agreed to immigrate come a new site in Kansas. Within five years of the move nearly fifty percent of the Ottawa had actually died.

The Ottawa knew that in order to make it through their children must be educated. In 1862 the Ottawa to be allotted 74,000 acres of land. The Ottawa offered 20,000 acres of that land to be used and also sold to raise money to construct a Baptist institution for the education of whites and Indians. This university was called after the Ottawa. The ind made an arrangement with the college that the Ottawa children would it is in educated cost-free of charge. The reservation whereby the Ottawa lived came to be a township named after them. They lived there till 1867.


In 1867, the Ottawa offered their soil in Kansas and moved come Indian Territory, in Oklahoma. There they gone into into a contract through the Shawnee tribe to purchase about 14863 acres, which was component of the Shawnee reservation. As soon as the tribe moved to Oklahoma in 1867 an ext of the Ottawa had actually died and also only around 200 were left.

In 1956 The United claims Government chose that the Ottawa Tribe offered no purpose and also terminated them. This was a long dark period in the Tribes history but we did not offer up and on might 15, 1978 the Ottawa tribe was restored. The Ottawa tribe was reestablished as a commonwealth recognized government when the Ottawa Council and also U.S. Congress ratified the structure in 1979.

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The federal government structure of the Ottawa tribe of Oklahoma was made up of tape chiefs who created a administrate council with a head chief. Each band chosen their own chief and also then this chiefs would certainly elect a head chief. Currently we have a chief, second chief, sec/tres, very first councilman, and second councilman. These human being are chosen from every member the the Ottawa tribe of Oklahoma age 18 and also over.

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