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In Scout "s first grade course at institution, a dispute arises between the teacher, Miss Caroline, and also one of the students, Burris Ewell. Miss Caroline spots a louse on Burris and also freaks out. Anvarious other student, Little Chuck Little, who is a polite and brave boy, tries to deal with the problem...

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In Scout"s initially grade class at college, a dispute arises between the teacher, Miss Caroline, and also among the students, Burris Ewell. Miss Caroline spots a lousage on Burris and also freaks out. Another student, Little Chuck Little, who is a polite and brave son, tries to resolve the difficulty by calming both of them dvery own. When Burris gets angrier at Miss Caroline for asking him to sit dvery own, Little Chuck Little tells her to let him go. Burris Ewell leaves the course while shouting rude insults at Miss Caroline. 

The Ewell children (tright here are many of them) only go to institution someday out of the year. The only factor they go on that at some point is bereason the truant officer pressures them to. The Ewells are lower-class white folks via extremely little education and learning.

That night, Scout asks her father Atticus if she have the right to skip college prefer the Ewells perform, however Atticus refoffers to let her. He tries to teach Scout a lesboy around walking around in another person’s skin. Atticus and Scout perform reach one compromise: if she will certainly go to institution, they will continue analysis at night. As an aside, he asks her not to cite their reading at school. This shows that although the Finches are not incredibly well-off, they have education on their side, which renders them more "middle class" than the "white trash" Ewells. This sociofinancial problem will come right into play later on in the novel, when Tom Robinboy, a babsence guy, is on trial so supposedly raping an Ewell daughter. (a fabricated story by the Ewells). The problems are in between the "middle class" whites (Atticus is the lawyer representing Tom), the "lower class" whites, and also the babsence neighborhood. 

This scene in Chapter 3 introduces the Ewell family members by framing them as people who don"t fairly "fit" in culture bereason of their absence of education and learning and also sociofinancial status, but also sets it up to display just how even "lower class" white world are not systemically oppressed as deeply as black human being are.