If you have actually just found your indigenous 2016 document littered through words that room underlined through two horizontal blue lines, climate you have just stumbled top top a brand-new feature of Word: Editor. Microsoft claim that

Editor is choose your personal writing assistant, helping you write far better documents and emails, bringing out the finest writer in you. Together with spelling and also grammar suggestions, editor offers you much better proofing and editing solutions than before.

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Note the the Editor feature is available only to individuals who have an Office 365 subscription, and that the only language right now supported is English.

In a nutshell, Editor purports to offer you better proofing and editing services together with spelling and also grammar suggestions. The score is to make it less complicated for girlfriend to choose the appropriate suggestions in the appropriate context because that your document by enhancing the means spelling, grammar and style suggestions room made. Speak to it arrogant and egotistical if you want, yet Microsoft case that the device learning and natural language handling technologies now present in word 2016 will certainly educate you, and improve your creating style. Yeah, right. English lessons indigenous a machine… girlfriend are totally free to take it such cases with a pinch of salt.

Here is an instance of the double blue underline in Word:


When friend right click on the phrase in error, you get the adhering to suggestion:


In this case, the pointer is in reality helpful. The author plainly meant “another” and also not “an other”. Afer right clicking on the word, girlfriend can choose “Another” (see the summary of the meaning), disregard the “error” or See an ext suggestions.

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But allows put the an equipment learning and natural language handling technologies in native 2016 v their paces. Let’s think that a phrase that sounds right, however is grammar wrong. Because that example:


Oh dear. The fare have to be fair and have a twin blue underline as punishment, but Word 2016 hasn’t spotted it. Fail!

What around another simple test:


Hymn need to obviously it is in him. No dual blue underline, and another fail. I think that’s 2 to me and also one to Word. We’d much better stop there…

If you want to be reckless, revolve off Word’s suggestions and also go it alone, click the record tab > alternatives > Proofing and uncheck the box labeled Mark grammar errors as you type.