Bethany Young was 17 and also she escaped Radley job day weekend in 2009 when Alison disappeared. We are told that this to be September 1st (even despite this annoys me since it doesn’t match the true day of job day weekend in 2009 yet I will shot to stop acquiring fixated ~ above that due to the fact that it’s probably a continuous error)

Toby has a tattoo that commemorates this day:


This was apparently to remember the day he was totally free from Jenna. But that has actually never satellite well through me. Toby has lied by omission lot of of times. For example: he never told Spencer the had background with Ali, or the she visited him in Juvie. So i am currently thinking there is more to the tattoo.

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What if Toby was in love with Bethany Young. That may have actually fallen in love with her as soon as he checked out his mum in ~ Radley.

I have the right to take this concept further…. What if Jessica Dilaurentis pushed Marion Cavanaugh off the roof in ~ Radley and also Bethany Young witnessed it. Possibly Bethany was going to look for revenge top top Jessica for Toby. Or maybe go and blackmail her for money to operation away. That would explain why Jessica was so worried the night, due to the fact that she thought Bethany to be coming because that her. That could likewise explain why Toby was in Alison’s backyard the night he was going to accomplish Bethany, he then taken place to bump right into Ali and thank she for getting him away from Jenna and also gave her his coat due to the fact that she to be cold.

I can get outlandish and also go further….

What if Bethany yes, really was a seed job and also saw Ali attract Toby’s sweater and also got jealous and also decided come hit her with that rock. Then she blackmailed Jessica right into burying Alison.

I simply can’t figure out how she finished up dead yet.

It’s crazy however anything is feasible right??

EDIT: HIS TATTOO COMMEMORATES THE job BETHANY ESCAPED…. Free AT LAST. He can not realize the she died before she obtained to flee.
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751 notes
Jul 9th, 2014

I think Jenna is Alison’s doppelganger


G – she turned on me toby

T – she walk that

G – every I ever did was every little thing she request me to do and also one work she decides thats not enough

T – when Jenna doesn’t need world anymore she gets rid that them

G – all I stated was, this city is not an excellent for her and also I simply wish we can get out of here…move on

T – perhaps she is having actually too lot fun settling scores

G – Hey her stepsisters been v a lot…she makes the rest of united state look like cowards

T – I never questioned she strength, just exactly how she offers it

G – yeah well you don’t know her

T – You’re right, ns don’t. But it looks like she found some new friends that do

G – five yeah? Who are her friends?

T – You can just walk away Garrett, ns did.

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Lets talking around the body that we once thought was Alison. The body was originally uncovered when the gazebo was dug up, there was an autopsy and it was hidden in the cemetery. Climate it was dug up and also who to know what occurred to it before it reappeared top top the Halloween ghost train and was placed in a mausoleum.

I wonder exactly how they identified the human body exhumed from The mausoleum as being Bethany Young. Let’s no forget: - Emily obtained sent a necklace made from human being teeth. - Spencer had actually finger skeletal in her bridal show corset. Those body components can’t have actually been native Bethany because the police would have noticed one incomplete body and also had problem identifying it without teeth.

I’m wondering: Whose stays did those body components come from? go the police I’d one incomplete body? Or to be the human body in the mausoleum not the one initially buried?

this post was inspired by this

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This is a funny comment considering Spencer just changed her clothes and hair. Picture credit to -


There have been thousands of little changes prefer this:

The date of Alisons loss was supposed to it is in Sept 1 however Labour day to be on Sept7 in 2009. As soon as Spencer witnessed the entry in the lost woods guest publication which claimed 9/6 because that Vivian darkbloom she evensaid Ali was there the day prior to she go missing definition she went missing Sept7.But climate she was the an initial one come say Toby’s tattoo 901 was the day Ali walk missing. Because that someone who is supposed to be a genius she is constantly doing these type of ingredient ups!!!The Alison and also Ian kissing rock video changed heaps of timesAlisons illustration the night she went lacking (she was watched wearing a necklace in the barn through curly hair and not later)Alison’s hand coming the end of the ground was a left hand once and also then a ideal hand got by Grunwald another.A do the efforts to usage the Liars to find Ali, but additionally sending them messages to say “stop looking” (I take it this together Alison sometimes sends the message herself, since she keeps informing them to stop looking as well)Alison’s stuff being thrown out as soon as Maya moved in, then Mrs D having actually all she stuff and also remaking her old room.

Also allows not forget the previously stuff like:

The contradictions around when Toby and also Lucas joined the A teamThe contradictions around when Jenna and Ali met.

I have actually seen heaps of short articles of clues and also pick ups prefer thisand us all wondered if lock were simply continuity and production errors,now I’m details they median something, please include to the list!

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When Emily to be druggedin 3x01 and Paige was drugged in 3x05.

Both times was with resting pills.Both times they didn’t automatically fall asleep.Both time they did things and had memory loss around them.

I think that when Ali drugged the liars with resting pills in the pilot illustration they go things and had memory loss about them before falling asleep. NOT just SPENCER, all of THEM.

Whatever they did can explain a motive for them being targeted. It would also explain why the four of them merged could remember what taken place that night. Perhaps they didn’t also do anything that negative but Alison made the look as though they did, so the A would seek the liars instead of her (my guess: v is Ali was already planning top top faking she death and also using the Liars to perform it) Itwould likewise explain why Alison is gift so coywith heraccount of the night.Itwould alsoparallel several of the things that were said in zero play.




I find it an extremely interesting the Alison stated to the Liars to break-up up. Since in the pilot illustration Aria said to Emily they lost touchand it to be what they had actually TO DO. It was then their keys that carried them back together again. Climate Mona tried to gain Spencer come disappear to split the group up again. This renders me inquiry Mona. I think she has actually been aquadruple agent due to the fact that the start. Occasionally working because that herself, occasionally working because that redcoat/Ali, periodically working for the black color veil, periodically working because that Ezra. Double crossing almost everywhere the place for revenge and also for answers.

I know Mona stated someone stole the game from her when she went to Radley, but maybe she was at Radley before season 3. She could have teamed up with redcoat then. She may even be the delicate patient that experienced Marion’s death.

While I’m on the topic, this is out there however I will provide you my latest guess:

Jason is the one v the twin, who most likely looks a lot choose Alison, she is crazy and also has remained in Radley. I reckon her surname starts with"A"maybe April-Rose. Mona met her part time ago and that is how she acquired the idea to authorize the message -A. April must have tried to death Ali since she wanted to take it overAlison’s identity and get out of Radley. But Mrs D saw and also ruined her plan’s. Ns think the NAT filmed this. She discovered outAli was alive and that Mona onlyhelped Ali disappear and also she has been make the efforts to have her found, kill herfor realand take she identity. She is killing anyone who knows her an enig and could foil her plans. (Maybe she to be the reason of Marion’s death since Marion supplied to job-related for a paediatrician and maybe shelearnt she was Jason’s twin)

Also one last note:

I’m guessingMonamust be pertained to or associated with the human body In place of Ali and also this is component of she motive. She isn’t really negative she has just gotten associated in ingredient she shouldn’t have and she is do the efforts to avoid herself being killed yet likewise trying to assist the people that worthy it.

Congrats if you made that this far, allow me recognize what friend think

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Every time I shot and job-related a theory it will practically be plausible and then I gain stuck ~ above one part of the show that doesn’t fit v it. The is an extremely hard come make any kind of theory right 100%. Ns hope the the writers really do have it all sorted and also it makes sense eventually.

The main fork in the road points I have actually trouble through are:

When Mona saw Ali/Vivian in Brookhaven and also gave her the phone number to be renowned in exchange for keeping her spying a secret.

We recognize this happened since the girls discovered the other half of the lost woods postcard.If Mona is claimed to it is in the original A then who was Ali spying on the end the window. Probably Mona was the initial A for the Liars but not because that Ali. Did Ali then introduce Mona to the A team through that number. The phone number might have been Toby or Jenna or both, making either of them already on the A Team. They played that out so tricky that we still don’t recognize for sure.Perhaps there was currently an A Team stalking Ali and it was began by Mona and also Ali to be spying on a minion when Mona experienced her. Maybe this was the moment Ali said the reality to the wrong person at the wrong time, by alerting Mona come the truth she was gaining close to her Lair. And also the call number can have to be Toby or Jenna and Mona climate knew to use them in part way.Perhaps Ali do Mona enter the A team undercover because that her. This would define why Mona stated to red coat (aka CeCe that looked like Ali) “I did every little thing you asked”. Wren did say the Mona to be surprisingly popular!!Perhaps the twin story is quiet going to take place and Mona saw Vivian (Ali’s twin) spying top top Ali. Mona to be then recruited into the A team and also earned her location by gift able to save a secret. In which case the call number to be a share A team number i beg your pardon was later on passed ~ above Toby.

When Mona got Ali’s diaries.

If Maya had put Ali’s ingredient on the curb the first morning that school, climate Mona would have had to check out them an extremely quickly and additionally had to have actually known around Ezria to send that an initial A text. But then exactly how come she began stalking the Liars 1 year later on when she and Hannah were close. This damages her an alleged motive.

When Ali and also Jenna met

In the first secret Jenna currently knew that Ali was. Had actually Jenna really just heard that her due to the fact that she was popular?Jenna’s decided at Ali’s memorial. “My entirety life I thought I knew who she was”. To be they in ~ Radley together and also Ali to be so mentally unstable she forgot. Or is the pair story quiet alive and also Jenna knew Ali’s twin.I yes, really really prefer a concept I review on (by spoffee post/60270977789)that said Jenna has been working for Ali this entirety time, yet for this theory to job-related we need to recognize if they to be friends and if the garage prank was real or fake. And then Jenna’s flashback of Ali blackmailing her and also Garrets recall of fake killing Ali would all need to be set up by Ali and Jenna to fake Ali’s death. However then why didn’t Ali just offer Jenna the NAT videos to keep safe.

When Toby join the A Team.

Mona said she recruited him once he went because that the project in Bucks County, however then we have “pretty eyes”. Likewise the reason why Toby met Alison the night she went lacking and his tattoo (freedom indigenous Jenna) just doesn’t seem come fit.

When Lucas joined the A Team.

According come Mona’s confession, Lucas gave Emily the massage in 10x2. Yet Lucas told Hannah that Mona only started blackmailing him at the masquerade round in 2x25. Possibly Lucas was on the A team by an option at very first then he started getting blackmailed to store being a minion later on.

NAT club involvement

We know that Ali remained in the NAT club videos, she had actually the NAT videos and they incriminated a lot of people.Ian and also Garrett are both dead. Jason & Jenna have actually both almost been killed. Castle must know or have actually recorded other pretty essential to who (not simply Mona or Ezra)Wilden (also dead) must have actually been associated somehow too. Because we hear him say to the queen of mind “Never psychic her…Garrett’s going to tell castle everything”.

Which bring me to Ezra and the uber A and red coat acquisition over.

There motives because that Mona or CeCe or Ezra do not warrant the fatality of so plenty of people. And also the prison time andframingof others. Revenge and also wanting Ali out of hiding simply don’t cut it. Either they are going to throw some other motive in or over there is something an ext at play v this A/Shawbee Corporation.I’m backing the new Lair is because that Documenting and gathering information. This can all be P.I’s acquiring the can be fried pay dirt. This would certainly tie in v the NAT club footage as well. I don’t mental if Ezra is evil, but he is not the big king pin.

Sorry the sooo long however I essential to gain this out of mine head!! that reminds me the a select your own adventure book. (for those of friend that room too young to recognize what one is you must google it) i wonder if the authors would think about this a literary recommendation for pll.

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PLL is giving me major trust issues.We have actually recieved many answers transparent the show and lots in this latest season, but since of the nature that the show I don’t think the answers. Ns am questioning everything also the answers and it is do it tough for me to make theories that really walk anywhere.

I have actually said it prior to - it is really hard to do a theory now that matches every the clues and answers we recognize from ahead seasons. Few of the clues and also answers simply throw a spanner in the works and therefore must be lies. Climate we have the comments from the writers and actors external of the present that throw one more spanner in the works and I simply can’t to trust anything anymore.

A great example is not knowing if Alison is the one through the twin. I recognize apparently the writers space not going with this theory ANYMORE however that way that they might have to be once and also those ideas that hinted at that room now loosened ends and plot holes. Either the or they space lying and she is the one through the twin.

The rest of my latest issue originates from Mona’s death. I recognize I should just accept that she is really dead but I can’t assist but think the this concept by rosewood-clues is right and also there is this whole other level of theories to it is in made……

I am identified that this can be pieced together without plot holes.


I recognize i’m no the just one:

prettylittleliarsxxxx I thought of you as soon as writting this because of this

chemicalxwings I assumed of you since of your article after 5x12

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22 note
Ok therefore yet one more subtle change. The red critique notes on the margins of Ezra’s story readjusted from 4x20 as soon as Aria looked in ~ it come in 4x21 once black hoodie had actually it! This must median something. I cannot think the props room would have made one more copy that the story and also just made decision to make various notes in the margin choose they couldn’t remember the initial one. Room these ideas for us from the producers??

EDIT: I simply realized the old picswere really difficult to see, so I have actually redone the pics on this post - credit transaction to analysing A for the first pic



The Main various note the I find interesting is:

Just one lie in the right ar at the ideal time and another lie to cover it up, the class begin

This reminded of me of when Alison said to Hannah at the hospital that informing the fact to the wrong human being at the dorn timewas howshe finished up whereshe did.

hmmmm what to do of it every !!

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So this write-up is motivated by the many recent episode and also THIS indigenous denisedoriety about the S5 deleted scene of Jessica and Alison.

This scene basically confirms the Charles is Alison’s brother (either promoted or Jason’s twin)

Mrs D plainly states the Alison’s brother watched the old film Niagra and also became obsessed through Vintage. We recognize that Charles is the one who is obsessed through Vintage, therefore his heart room. We likewise know that Charles is around the same period as Jason, for this reason the prom native 7ys ago. They visited Niagra falls and it was the critical time they all went away together. So renders it most most likely that Charles was sent out away native the household as a child (? to Radley, or probably John hopkins first)

So now that the is evidenced I can see it tying in come the storyline in quite a few areas:

It ties in through why the Dilaurentis would have actually moved ago to Rosewood- to be close to Charles who was most likely committed in ~ RadleyIt could mean Peter is Charles dad too, i m sorry ties in the Hastings secrets (like the problems that Veronica is always saying castle tried to keep Melissa and Spencer the end of) it ties in through Alison being taught to remember points differently and also why alot that Jason’s baby pics are lacking (because they were trying come erase all memory of Charles)It ties in the did not like agreement between Jessica & Peter. They were trying to defend both Spencer & Charles. Peter might have additionally used one son to gain the other one turn off the doubt list very ‘To death a mockingbird ‘ style.It exlains why Cece damaged up with Jason. She should have discovered out around Charles when she pulled the prank and went come Radley. Maybe she even hooked up through Charles or something.It defines who Jessica to be protecting and who she most likely let live in the residence v the dodgy leaseIt potential defines a motive for Marion Cavanaughs death. Maybe Jessica believed she was going to tell Toby or someone around Charles. Or probably Charles to be the one who moved her.It potentially describes what Jason can have been looking for when that brought ago their house. That may have actually been researching as soon as he was pretending to it is in in rehab.

The key things that it does no tie in is the 2 yellow dresses, Bethany Young….and likewise Charles’ motive for wanting Ali dead and for torturing the girls.


I think that Charles was sent away since of other bad, which i am willing to bet was really Alison’s error (not Charles) thus his desire to kill Alison. Ns think Charles escaped Radley the night of ‘the an initial secret’ and had a failed attempt to death Alison. For this reason he created an -A team comprised of every the Ali haters and also torment she for a while. (meaning Mona to be an initial tormentor however not the one through the genuine axe to grind, I additionally don;t think she knew specifically who she was working for)

Inside Radley Charles to be lonely and missed his family. Once Bethany to be admitted to Radley Charles automatically treated her together the sister he wished he had had. Perhaps Bethany thought of Charles prefer a brother. I think that is who is in few of her drawings. Jessica well-known this and also played together with the charade because that Charles. She bought Bethany clothes and treated her favor a daughter. She even got unintentionally close come Bethany’s dad. (I doubt Bethany knew something around the fatality of Marion Cavanaugh and also that also played a role as come why Jessica favoured her)

When Jessica had an affair through Bethany’s dad the made both Bethany and Charles mad. Ns think Charles and Bethany became great friends with common enemies and as they were both a tiny cray cray they came to be vengeful together.

together they plot come escape Radley get rid of Alison and also blackmail Jessica and run away and also live a happy life elsewhere. (Potentially walking to take it the identity of Alison and also Jason and also the money from Jessica) that NIGHT Bethany hits Alison. The liars in their drugged state defend Alison (remniscent of the time in the old home in ‘the an initial secret’) and also they struggle Bethany and shot to cover the crime by making she look like Alison (with the bracelet etc) Melissa disturbs them and also buries she alive. The liars repress the memory and also pretend it never ever happened!

Charles assumed they had actually succesfully killed Alison and also had Jessica ask her. However Grunwald pulled she out and also Mona aided her operation away. Charles fled to the underground lair and when Bethany never arrived he became distressed, the following day he kidnapped Sara - as a replacement because that Bethany not a replacement because that Alison.

I year later Alison and also Mona team up as -A to try and jog the liars memory. But additionally so that the girls will start to inquiry Alison’s dissapearance and also go in search of her and work out the real identity of -A

When Mona is in ~ Radley Charles it s okay wind the Alison is still alive and he starts to wonder around the body possibly being Bethany. That takes over the video game seeking revenge top top Alison and also the girls for hurting his valuable Bethany. That sets up the elaborate arrangement to have Alison falsly imprisoned by setting up the letter from Bethany (just together he was falsly imprisoned as a child) then he kidnaps the liars and also takes them come the dollhouse so that he can go ago in time and relive where things went wrong. He tries to play out his prom but also makes the girl re-enact the night.


This is all assuming the Sara yes, really is Sara and Bethany really is dead. Ns was skeptical around this at first and assumed the Bethany was still alive and also that she and also Charles had swapped the DNA when the body was stolen so that Bethany would look dead and never be sent back to Radley. But perhaps it was someone rather (Melissa or Ali or Mona) the dug increase the body so that Charles would not have any kind of proof the it to be Bethany and also would have less engine without proof that Bethany yes, really was dead.

My guess for the future that the display in S7 is about black veil and I think this is Melissa - finishing the game and also seeking come to liberate herself from the role she accidentally played in the murder of Bethany Young.

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143 note
Think about it. Cece was no a super rich Carrisimi organization person. She was broke. Shewas behind on she rent and she had actually to go work for Ezra. I’m pretty certain she was a gun because that hire (I think she was paid to shot and death Jason in the elevator and possibly Wilden too). I’m certain she was going to be greatly compensated because that posing as Charles/Charlotte, so that Charles could go free.

I really THINK

That Charles and also Bethany to be both Mary’s. She had them whilst in Radley. Charles got embraced by the Dilaurentis’ and also Bethany visited county services and also then got adopted by the Youngs. Mar then acquired released from Radley but Charles obtained sent earlier to because that trying come drown Alison and Bethany acquired sent back for being explosive. Mary provided to impersonate Jessica and also go and also take them out for activities. (like the stables and the b’day party)

Charles and Bethany planned to run away with a really an excellent lie so that they wouldn’t have to go back. (our parents were junkies and also they sold us because that a resolve - notification he stated “our” parents) castle both escaped “that night”

How did it revolve out…..

Bethany switched her dental records with the gazebo body and then later pretended to be Sara Harvey essentially integrating into culture with a new identity.

Charles was smart and also formed carrisimi. He constructed the underground funny house. That was no transgender. Cece and also her whole story is a cover because that Charles.