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Answer: fork She thought that to be what human beings used because that is what Scuttle told she it was supplied for.
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54 The mermaid Ariel has actually a finest friend who urges her fascination through all things human. I m sorry yellow and blue buddy searches sunken ships v her?

Answer: Flounder Ariel"s yellow and also blue fish girlfriend Flounder (who is no the type of fish dubbed flounder), supports Ariel"s strides toward things human, even gifting her with a sunken frostbite of her beloved Prince Eric. The commercial success that Disney"s 1989 "The tiny Mermaid" contained the illustration of associated tattoos, cake toppers, stuffed animals, water toys, dolls and also handheld electronic games. Flounder also has repeat performances in future Disney stories. He was voiced in 1989 by Jason Marin.
55 who does Scuttle think Ariel is talking about on the deck of the ship once Ariel says, "Isn"t he handsome?"?

Answer: Max the dog Scuttle take away a peek for himself and sees Max. He turns to Ariel and also says, "I don"t know. He looks sort of hairy and also slobbery come me."
Answer: Dinglehopper Scuttle thinks the he to know everything around the human world, he called a fork a dinglehopper and a smoking cigarettes pipe a snarffblatt and saying the is favor a trumpet.
57 I introduced everybody in ~ the meeting of the sea creatures at the start of the film. Who voiced me?

Answer: will certainly Ryan Ryan, born ~ above November 13th, 1939 in mountain Francisco, California voiced a seahorse in a minor role. The sea creatures that the sea kingdom gathered for a concert in one of the film"s at an early stage scenes and it to be the seahorse"s job to present the differentiated guests. He an initial introduced Triton, that came out in a carriage moved by dolphins. Everyone cheered because that Triton and also then the seahorse presented Sebastian, who was attributed as gift a composer. These were the just two sea creatures the sea steed introduced. Ryan additionally voiced characters in the movies, "The Land prior to Time", "An American Tail" and also "A Flintstones" Christmas Carol".
Answer: Ursula We discover out the they are "poor unfortunate souls" after Ursula sings the song of the very same name. Ursula collection them by making a resolve the world that they as soon as were. Ursula then tells them that they have to do; something prior to the meeting she sets or she would store their souls forever.
61 Scuttle: "It"s a ______________! humans use these little babies... Come straighten your hair out."

Answer: dinglehopper according to Scuttle, a fork is dubbed a dinglehopper. Ariel keeps this, and her various other treasures in her secret cave.
Answer: Tip and also Dash They present themselves a pair of times and also then song a song around their names.
Answer: blue and white and black This is the same dress she put on in the start of the "Little Mermaid 2".
67 although this happens regularly in the lore the mermaids, Disney"s young Ariel has never taken this action before. A an excellent storm dashes a ship and also Ariel walk what?

Answer: Rescues a person In Disney"s "The small Mermaid" a an essential event in the story is Ariel"s rescue of a drowning Prince Eric. The Prince is right conscious, however he"ll remember her beautiful voice. Because that Ariel life take away a turn, including brand-new tensions v her dad King Triton (Kenneth Mars), who mistrusts humans and forbids any contact. In legend mermaids have long been attributed with s rescues. Most likely these compassionate creatures room dolphins, known to press a human being in peril to the surface. For Prince Eric though, it to be a lovely mermaid conserved him.
Answer: She has actually sisters and also she is youngest. You have the right to see all six of her sister in the concert scene. Among the present in their track is, "Our youngest sister, Ariel."
Answer: French chief Louis is the French chef for Prince Eric. The tries to chef Sebastian but instead, he hurts himself.
Answer: Jason Marin Marin, a native of Brooklyn, new York lent his voice to Flounder. Flounder was a fish and was very first seen as soon as he rushed to meet up v Ariel, who had just come ~ above a sunken ship. Flounder reminded Ariel that he can not swim the fast and also he comment on how good the sunken ship was. Flounder wanted to swim back home and also Ariel asked that if he to be scared yet Flounder claimed he was no scared, just not emotion well. Ariel told him she would certainly go inside the delivery to look approximately while the stayed external to look because that sharks. This scared Flounder so he went v a hole in the ship to be v Ariel so he might stay safe. When swimming through the ship, Flounder came upon other which fear him therefore he swam away automatically from it. Simply then, Flounder noticed a shark exterior the ship so he and Ariel hurriedly swam far to prevent it. Marin starred in the films, "Back come the Future", "Rock-A-Doodle" and also "Moving".
Answer: Red after ~ Morgana turns Melody right into a mermaid she is sitting on the ice with a red tail replacing she feet. That is a different shade from her mother"s; Ariel has actually a environment-friendly tail.

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Answer: Flotsam these eels space her reliable companions and also she supplies them to spy on people and aid her through her angry plots.