Learn about the formula for the area of a triangle. See an example on making use of the formula to find a triangle"s area. See another example on utilizing the formula to find the elevation of a triangle.

The examine tips and math video below will describe more.

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reminder #1

A triangle is a three sided polygon. Take into consideration a triangle with the base b and the height h. With this, the area A, that this triangle will be:


Note that, this formula just works if the triangle"s elevation is perpendicular to its base. The research tip and math video below will explain more.



tip #2 - instance Triangles

Now, to use this formula, we need to make sure that the elevation of the triangle is perpendicular to its base. The pictures below show 3 triangles v their respective base b and height h:

00:00:03.230In this lesson, we will learn around the area of a triangle.00:00:08.100First, let"s consider this parallelogram v the basic B and the height H.00:00:15.060Now, in the previous lesson, we learned that the area that a parallelogram, A = BH.00:00:22.220Observe that, if we cut this parallel by half, and also remove this portion, we now have a triangle v the base B and height H.00:00:33.210Since the area of this triangle, is fifty percent of the area of a parallelogram, the formula for the area that this triangle, A = 1/2BH.00:00:45.080Note that, that is really important to include the unit. Due to the fact that this is the formula because that area, that is unit will certainly be in the form of square unit.00:00:55.050We will see much more explanations top top this, in the upcoming example.00:01:00.140Now, let"s watch some examples on utilizing this formula.00:01:05.070Find the area that this triangle as soon as its basic is 5cm, and also its elevation is 4cm.00:01:13.020First, we start with the formula because that the area the a triangle, A = 1/2BH.00:01:20.040Since the base is provided as 5cm, we can substitute B through 5.00:01:26.240Similarly, since the height is given as 4cm, we deserve to substitute H through 4.00:01:34.120Next, we can simplify by multiplying 5, with 4. This provides 20.00:01:42.070Note that, one half bracket 20, can be rewritten as, 1 bracket end 2.00:01:49.220Let"s continue. 1 main point 20, gives ago 20.00:01:55.14020 divides through 2, provides 10.00:01:59.140Note that, this number has no meaning unless we include the unit because that it.00:02:04.170Since the devices are given in centimeter, the unit because that the area will certainly be in square centimeter.00:02:11.140Hence, the area of this triangle is 10 square centimeter.00:02:17.200Next example, given that the area that this triangle is 24 square feet, and its base is 6ft. Uncover its height.00:02:27.070Again, we begin with the formula for the area that a triangle, A = 1/2BH.00:02:34.030Now, since the area, and also the base are given, us can discover the height by fixing this equation for h. Here’s how.00:02:43.110It is much easier to occupational with this equation if us rewrite this term, one fifty percent BH as, 1 BH end 3. 1BH is the very same as BH.00:02:55.020Next, note that we have the right to remove this fraction, by multiply both sides of the equation with 2.00:03:02.050By act so, we have, 2A = BH.00:03:07.080Next, due to the fact that the area is provided as 24, we have the right to substitute "A" through 24.00:03:14.0502 main point by 24, provides 48.00:03:19.000Similarly, due to the fact that the basic is given as 6 feet, we deserve to substitute B with 6.00:03:26.020Now we have, 6h equals to 48.00:03:30.070Let"s rewrite this equation so the it will look neater.00:03:30.070To find h, we should remove 6. We deserve to do for this reason by separating both sides of the equation v 6.00:03:42.120By law so, we have, H equates to to 48 over 6.00:03:47.18048 divides by 6, gives 8.00:03:52.000Now, this number is meaningless unless we incorporate the unit because that it.00:03:56.240Since the base is in feet, the elevation of the triangle will be in feet.00:04:02.040Therefore, the height of this triangle is 8ft.00:04:07.120That is every for this lesson. Shot out the exercise question to further your understanding.

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