Cartman is dressed as Hitler in anticipation the the an initial Mel Gibson pan club meeting.

This short clip is a fragment indigenous the episode The enthusiasm of the Jew (Season 8, illustration 4)

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Mel Gibson is Crazy

Stan and also Kenny finally reach Mel Gibson's house to need their refund, however Mel Gibson is crazy.

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Kyle look at The Passion

Kyle goes to view Mel Gibson's "The passion of the Christ." He leaves confused about Judaism.

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Cartman's Rally

The members of the Mel Gibson fan club space told to bring a girlfriend to go see The Passion. Cartman wan...

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Aramaic, Cool!

Still dressed as Hitler, Cartman convinces his Mel Gibson pan Club to chant in German.

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I've viewed the passion 34 Times

Cartman tells Kyle that Mel Gibson's "The passion of the Christ" claims that the Jews are the Devil.

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Licking Mel Gibson's Balls

Stan fights over the phone through the webmaster the the Mel Gibson pan club website, who transforms out to b...

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Mel Gibson Sings

Mel Gibson proceeds his cartoonishly insane behavior, forcing Stan and Kenny to steal $18 native his ...

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Everyone Realizes Mel Gibson is Crazy

Tensions in between the Jews and Cartman's mob pertained to a head. Mel Gibson arrives and also everyone can agre...

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Kyle dreams of killing Jesus

The night after see "The passion of the Christ," Kyle's dreams are haunted by visions of his peop...

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That to be A Snuff Film!

Stan and also Kenny did not find "The Passion" entertaining and also swear to acquire their money back from Mel Gi...

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Mad Max Chase

Stan and Kenny spent $87 ~ above their pilgrimage to get their $18 ago from Mel Gibson.

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Hail Mel Gibson, Amen

After "The passion of the Christ" , Kyle goes to Cartman's home to recognize he to be wrong. Cartman is o...

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Kyle's impassioned plea for the Jewish people to apologize for "The Passion" is met v skepticism....

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Kyle Can't Sleep

Kyle looks for spiritual advice from priest Maxi, that recommends a conversion to Christianity.