Have friend heard your teen use the term “dragging” and also have small to no expertise of what it actually means? Well, the a popular slang term for teens throughout social media. We’ve gained a clear meaning and instances to store you tuned in.

“Dragging” definition

To traction someone is to basically “drag them with the mud.” as soon as you drag someone, you’re putting dirt on their name or your reputation.

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When dragging someone, the intentionally is commonly to do them feel placed down about themselves. If a compliment is intended to it is in positive and uplifting, a traction is its finish opposite.

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People can come to be the target the dragging because that just about anything. Native wearing a poor outfit to showing up late come a dinner v friends, a drag deserve to be lighthearted and also lacking malicious intent. However, some usage it as a kind of bullying in genuine life and on social media. Problem behavior, like previous racist tweets, can make someone obtain dragged online.

To put it simply, dragging can either it is in lighthearted banter in between friends or another form of bullying.

Example that Dragging

When dragging happens online, it often comes through a negative connotation. It’s most likely presented in a tweet, or a an are where the target is not easily accessible to defend themselves directly.

User 1: Kylie’s brand-new haircut got her looking prefer Edna mode! User 2: i was thinking more like lord Farquaad. User 3: Omg you males didn’t need to drag her choose that!

Online dragging can easily transform into a larger movement, wherein multiple users join in top top publically humiliating a target user. If you occur to watch your children saying “drag,” that may really well be harmless talk in between friends.

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However, the could also be an opening for discussion about how teens are navigating the internet.

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