It is provided to refer embarrassment by a former acquaintance indigenous Colombia, but I have never met one more speak who supplies this expression.

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My questions:

Is this a common expression? If so, can the "oso" terminology offered in other ways, come say for example, "Don"t embarrass me", or "I don"t prefer to it is in embarrassed"?


It"s a typical Mexican expression yet it"s informal. Used amongst friends, more often offered by female speakers 보다 male speakers.The "oso" need to be add by the "Que" (Que oso) and it means: "That is/was embarrassing" or "This is/was embarrassing" depending of the context.In brief the phrase is "Que oso" and also oso by chin doesn"t median embarrassed.

I simply remembered the there is another popular expression that includes the indigenous "oso":

Hiciste el oso

You make a silly of you yourself (Hiciste el ridículo).

Hice el oso

I do a fool of myself (Hice el ridículo).

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I think this expression is generally used by mexico people, I never ever heard it everywhere else. That is very common amongst them (you simply need to take it a look in ~ the good amount of accessible Mexican TV programs), however other 보다 them, you won"t hear that used everywhere else.

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