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English ax or phrase: G ( to refer to money)
My text refers to expenditure ~ above R+D, usually in countless euros, as in €300m (in CAT, my resource text 300 M€) there are additionally a few references to G€, together in 300G€. I have never checked out this before. what is 300 G€ express in M€, i can"t purchased to make a wrong here, so any conversion site attach would be evaluate TIA:-)
Lia fail (X)
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Selected answer:not a conventional abbreviation
Explanation:Hi Lia, come the finest of my knowledge, this is not a traditional abbreviation anywhere, so you will need to ask your customer to be sure. If i were to hazard my own guess, I can say it means "thousand", as in "three hundreds grand" -- if your text was written in the us -- yet I certainly wouldn"t gambling money ~ above it, and it is no a conventional abbreviation. HTH


Grading commenti agree with Brie, these room R+D budgets, they don"t get in the euros come the strength of 10 by 9, especiaslly because that a small region in Europe (Baden-Württemberg, because that example). Thanks all:-)4 KudoZ points were awarded because that this prize


Thanks for that, Lia, yet I wish you hadn"t closed the question so quickly - rather (who aren"t stuck functioning of a Sunday!) may have much more valuable insights come offer and also I, because that one, would have been interested to see an ext feedback!
Explanation:and giga = 10 to the power 9 10 000 000 000CMJ_Trans (X)Local time: 06:09Works in fieldNative speak of: English
Emilie: Ja. Etwas auf Franz., gefunden ... Est doté de 1G€ (giga-euro ou gigueuro = 1 milliard d"euros). 8 mins

agree Helen Genevier: many of google access time on gigaeuro (though 9 zeros not 10) 13 mins
->yep - the was - of all points - a typo

neutral Brie Vernier: 10 to the power of 9 = 1,000,000,000, or 1 billion/1,000 million, and the couple of googles for it are mostly French, for this reason I would certainly be *very* mindful in suggesting this 40 mins

agree can Altinbay: I have actually seen money express in giga-units a number of times. Especially for R&D, even much more so because that IT budgets. 3 hrs

Explanation:Hi Lia, come the ideal of mine knowledge, this is not a conventional abbreviation anywhere, so friend will need to ask your client to be sure. If i were to danger my own guess, I might say it represents "thousand", together in "three hundreds grand" -- if your message was written in the us -- yet I definitely wouldn"t bet money top top it, and also it is not a standard abbreviation. HTH Brie VernierGermanyLocal time: 06:09Native speaker of: EnglishPRO pts in category: 8
Grading commenti agree v Brie, these space R+D budgets, they don"t go into the euros come the strength of 10 by 9, especiaslly because that a small an ar in Europe (Baden-Württemberg, because that example). Thanks all:-)

CMJ_Trans (X): FYI - the is quite commonly used in Europe 49 mins
->And by "Europe" you mean ...?? It definitely isn"t usual in Germany, and as I discussed above, google does not really support this. "G = giga", yes, however not have to in link with euros

agree Charlesp: agreed: it isnt a conventional abbreviation. However I think that is rather clear it represents Thousands. 9 hrs
->Thanks, Charles

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