5 factors Goku's finest Move Is The Kamehameha (& 5 Why It's The heart Bomb) The soul Bomb and also Kamehameha room two that Goku"s many iconic moves. However which one is stronger?

In the people of Dragon Ball, no move is as iconic than Goku"s Kamehameha. Over the past 35 years, the blue energy beam has become Goku"s go-to attack, help him and his allies the end in around a dozen damaging situations. However, during his training v King Kai, goku learned what is taken into consideration his most potent attack, the soul Bomb. This enormous assault gathers the energy of life beings and also launches a bomb as large as the moon on to its target. Both moves are incredible in their very own rights, however which one is Goku"s finest move? We"ll be giving 5 reasons why the Kamehameha is his finest attack and five reasons why it"s the spirit Bomb.

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Whenever goku thinks his Kamehameha doesn"t have enough oomph come it, he"s able to offer the beam much more energy throughout the attack. As watched in his fights with Vegeta, Frieza, and Zamasu, Goku deserve to increase the strength of his Kamehameha while it"s gift used. Compare the to the soul Bomb that can"t be provided any an ext energy when the strike is in use; it provides it easier for the villains come underestimate Goku, only for the to surprised them and use even an ext power to complete them off.

when the Kamehameha is strong, the one downside is that it just fires in a narrow, directly forward direction. Due to the fact that of this, it makes the Kamehameha basic to evade attack. Sure, it can be controlled and also guided, however it take away a lot of of power out the the tide to do so. If the smaller sized Spirit Bomb let go Vegeta, the much bigger version has been able come at least to make call with the opponent. If the bomb works on them is a various story.

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For son ogong to gather the energy needed to use his spirit Bomb, he needs to be in his basic form. This is since his at sight Saiyan transformations are fuel by rage, and also one need to be pure of heart to obtain the energy needed indigenous the adjacent living organisms. The Kamehameha, meanwhile, can be provided in any type and doesn"t need one to power down to usage it.

7 heart Bomb: can absorb power for a strength boost

throughout Goku"s fight v Super Android 13, he soaked up the power of the heart Bomb and also gave self a significant power boost to destroy the titular villain. While he hasn"t provided this in the main timeline, Goku taking in the spirit Bomb has actually been viewed in a plethora of video games, such together Budokai 3, whereby he used the energy to beginning his supervisor Dragon Fist.

If girlfriend think around it, the soul Bomb has been able come kill only a grasp of enemies. If us don"t count either GT or the films, the only enemy that the heart Bomb has actually killed was kid Buu. Vegeta and Frieza were able to endure the monstrous bomb, while the nigh-unstoppable Jiren had the ability to push ago the attack. The Kamehameha wave, in comparison, has been may be to loss foes choose Cell, golden Frieza, Kefla, and several different enemies.

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5 soul Bomb: will not hurt anyone pure that heart

The Kamehameha will hurt anyone, nevertheless if it"s girlfriend or foe. If an foe grabs a close-by ally, they can use them as a shield, and it will hurt them. The heart Bomb, as said by goku to Gohan, will only hurt those v impurity in their heart. So, if Goku supplies the spirit Bomb and also someone gets in the way, it won"t hurt any ally, choose his son. However, if it"s someone like Vegeta, who has actually plenty that evilness in his heart, you better be lucky for who like great Buu or Mr. Satan to aid you obtain out of the way.

together Goku continues to train, that is able to fee up the energy that"s required to use particular attacks at a much much faster rate. This is most definitely true with Goku"s Kamehameha. Transparent Dragon ball Super and also the last couple of movies, he"s to be able to usage the Kamehameha at a much much more frequent price than in DBZ. The heart Bomb, in the meantime, calls for Goku a the majority of time to charge it up. This leaves Goku fragile for a couple of minutes, so he need to use this once the foe is busy with someone else.

3 spirit Bomb: Doesn"t require aiming to use

If you have to use a Kamehameha, you much better have a good eye to use it with. As discussed before, it"s pretty simple to evade a fully-powered Kamehameha. The soul Bomb doesn"t require such. Every one needs to perform for the strike to make call with them is to feel the end the evil power of a foe, as told by King Kai himself.

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The Kamehameha alone is a solid attack, but it"s become even stronger when combined with other techniques. Some examples include Goku utilizing his prompt Transmission to blast foes favor Cell and Top in ~ close-range or combining it with Vegeta"s last Flash/Galick Gun to unleash a duel beam attack. If that"s not awesome enough, anytime Goku and Vegeta fuse, the strike becomes also stronger with Vegito"s last Kamehameha and Gogeta"s huge Bang Kamehameha. The heart Bomb has yet to receive a combo attack, however maybe we"ll see something favor that in the comes future.

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1 spirit Bomb: It"s his strongest attack

whatever praise you can give to the Kamehameha, the heart Bomb is objectively his many powerful an approach available. Also though opponents like Vegeta and Frieza were able to endure that destructive explosion the the attack, you can see the lot of damage they"ve endured. Vegeta was limping once he got earlier up, while Frieza"s left eye was temporarily unusable, and component of his tail was gone. While the Kamehameha has blown up Cell"s upper half, Goku had to integrate it v the prompt Transmission to perform so. But, even on that own, The Kamehameha can"t measure up up through the heart Bomb, if we"re talk pure strength.