Hi go-to setups > General and also turn off location services this will disable GPS, please note this will certainly not impact battery life a good deal if it is why you space trying it. I have tested this numerous times and i gain the very much the very same battery v it collection to ~ above or off, also its a essential component of numerous apps and Google apps etc hope this helps.

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There is no means to turn off data other than to ask her provider come disable it. What the other person told you has to do with gps not GPRS.
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If you desire to disable GPRS (the slow-moving network version of 3G mobile internet) you might use the integrated "Airplane mode". Plane mode disables the functions that transmit or receive cell phone, radio, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth signals. Enable plane Mode on your iPhone by choosing Settings, then "turn plane mode on".
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The data is still to run on my phone. There is no method I have the right to manually revolve it off & on the again once i want to use?
No. If you have a 3G iPhone, you have the right to turn off 3G network access, yet you can"t disable sheet or GPRS.

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You can"t disable GPRS there is no disabling the phone. GPRS is forced to at the very least make a phone call call. Your data setup is unlimited, so what are you worried about data fees for?
sapphir8 wrote: friend can"t disable GPRS there is no disabling the phone. GPRS is required to at the very least make a phone call. Your data arrangement is unlimited, therefore what are you worried around data dues for? You absolutely do not need GPRS to do a call, i remember when no phones had actually GPRS and also they made calls just fine. not every persons data arrangement is countless , some providers charge GPRS by the minute quite than by the KB make this a severe bug.
yes, you can fully disable GPRS. I am an us expat in UAE and also had several difficulties becasue my iphone 3Gs began accessing GPRS and also the bill went with the roof. After part research, I uncovered out this method: open your Safari and go to noiphonedata.com. Click on the switch showing disable GPRS and, Viola you are set. Hope that helps
Hmmmm....aside indigenous the fact that "noiphonedata.com" walk not show up to right now be available, i am just a small sceptical that clicking a switch in a website ~ above Safari have the right to effectively adjust the settings on the phone. regarding whether that counts as a "serious bug" i don"t know. This pages space not specifically crammed with messages about the inability to disable GPRS, therefore how huge an issue is it?
I offered noiphonedata.com about a month ago and have absolutely no problems. Mine 3gs works great and enjoying it. That course, it"s mine opinion
It offered to be possible to deactivate it, on my Luxemburgish Tango phone. I did it on the menu Settings > basic > Network > to move Data Network. Because I updated come 3.0.1. That last menu is no longer accessible and the call is linked all the time. Is it a an insect in the OS update? deserve to it it is in fixed?