Hawaiian is a beautiful, musical language the has given the world some that its many expressive words.

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So what of “Loki”?

Nowadays, most of the Western human being within with of a movie display screen or a TV hears words “Loki” and is instantly transported to one of two people Norse mythology or Disney’s Marvel movies. 

But placed the god of mischief out of her head. In Hawaiian, Loki has a far much more earthly meaning.


What go Loki and its Variants Mean?

In Hawaiian, the literal meaning translation that “Loki” is, technically, the literal translation of something else.

Loki is a variant order of the much more common word, Loke. And what is Loke, when interpreted to English?

Flower. Or an ext specifically, Rose. As with all translation there’s never a one-to-one meaning. 

It also has a much more common variant again, which to add so much to the definition of the word. Unusually, this is a variant that substantially increases the syllabic size of the word.

If you speak “Loki” or “Loke” in Hawaii, you’ll be talking about a flower. If friend hear the variant, “Lokelani,” what you hearing is an expansion from Flower or rose to “small red rose,” or alternatively, come the even much more expressive “heavenly rose.”

How to express “Loki” 

While you deserve to pronounce Loki in the Norse and also comic-book means (as Loak-ee), in Hawaii most human being in the 21st century will fairly rightly i think you mean the norse god and also comic-book character.

Loke, though, i m sorry is the root of words in Hawaiian, go nothing special v its final e-sound. It’s pronounced neither as Loak-ee nor as Loak-eh.

In fact, it’s merely a single-syllable, Loak. L as in “Liberty,” and “oak” together in the tree.

How to use “Loki”

While the literal meaning translation that Loke and Loki is “Flower” or “Rose,” the word deserve to be used to more areas the life than just horticulture. 

If you name a infant girl “Loki” or “Loke” in Hawaiian, it’s not just a situation of comparison with the actual flower, but much more a case of comparison come the qualities of the flower: freshness, sweet, life-enhancing fragrance, the smile that comes from its presence, etc. Lot the same means in English v the name Rose. 

As with much else, Hawaiian has actually all the expressiveness, all the scent and also flavor. The Hawaiian, Lokelani, taps right into an emotive and a sensory level that its English equivalents no deliver. That’s part of the power of Hawaiian as a language, its indigenous engage all of the senses.

So, “Loki” in Hawaiian is no sort of god, however at the very least two kinds of flower, used mainly as a name for a girl, yet with much an ext attributive power than the English-language surname of Flower and Rose.

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The increased version, Lokelani, proves the point, becoming either “small red rose” or “heavenly rose” by expansion.