A nip and also tuck, is an ext commonly referred to as a facelift. It is a proven, reliable cosmetic surgical treatment procedure known formally as a rhytidectomy. Over there are many cosmetic measures for the face. However, a nip and also tuck is tho the most famous procedure come smooth facial wrinkles.

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It’s not really details where the nickname, nip & tuck came from.

During a nip & tuck, the following is removed:

sagging skinrooping skinadipose tissue

These all make you look at older than perhaps you feel. So, with a nip & tuck, the operated doctor is able come tighten muscles and skin. This reveals the natural, youthful border of your underlying bone structure. Necessary incisions are strategically situated at natural creases in your skin or follow me your hairline, wherein they are not noticeable after ~ you have actually healed from your surgery.

Nip & Tuck Popularity

Although the idea of a procedure that could turn back the clock and make a human look years younger seemed impossible only a few generations ago, today facelifts have come to be popular choices for human being of both sexes. In fact, in America alone, much more than 100,000 people have a facelift annually. According to the journal of the American medical Association (JAMA), the main reason these patients quote for choosing a facelift to be a desire to achieve a more attractive and also youthful appearance.

Another study published by the AMA verified that civilization who have facelifts accomplish these goals. This concludes facelifts space an effective method to take it years turn off a person’s appearance. This is not only true for younger patients; the JAMA reports that older patients to be even an ext satisfied with the outcomes of their surgical procedure than your younger peers.


If you are considering a nip n’ tuck, below are some things you need to know.

Many patients go residence after surgery. However, some human being stay the night in ~ the hospital, so fill an overnight bag simply in case.Expect come go home with bandages on your face. These bandages frequently come off a work or two after surgery. Your physician will schedule a follow-up appointment to remove your bland in a mainly or so.You may be given medication because that pain relief complying with surgery. Applying cold compresses and also keeping your head elevated may likewise help.Swelling and even bruising space normal ~ a nip and tuck. Also, don’t be surprised if your confront feels stiff for a couple of days.As with any cosmetic surgery, your outcomes are heavily dependent top top the skill and also experience of her cosmetic surgeon.

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Nip & Tuck in Colorado Springs, CO

If you’re considering a a nip and also tuck procedure, please contact the office the Gregory J. Liebscher, MD, FACS. Dr. Liebscher is just one of the most practiced and respected plastics surgeons in Colorado Springs.