1  adj A huge thing or human is greater in dimension than usual or average. (=big)  (Antonym: small) The Pike lives greatly in huge rivers and also lakes..., In the biggest room about a dozen children and seven adults room sitting on the carpet..., He to be a huge man with thick dark hair.  

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2  adj A big amount or variety of people or things is much more than the typical amount or number., (Antonym: small) The gang finally fled with a large amount the cash and jewellery..., There room a big number of centres where you have the right to take full-time courses..., The figures associated are truly very large.  
3  adj A big organization or service does a the majority of work or commercial task and employs a lot of people. (=big)  (Antonym: small) ...a big company in Chicago..., Many big organizations operation courses for their employees.  
4  adj Large is offered to show that a difficulty or issue which is being questioned is very important or serious. usu ADJ n (=serious) ...the already large problem of under-age drinking..., There"s a very big question around the viability the the newspaper.  
5 You use at large to suggest that you are talking in a general method about many of the people mentioned. ♦at large 
 phrase n PHR (=in general) I think the opportunities of getting reforms embraced by the ar at large remain incredibly remote...  
6 If girlfriend say the a danger person, thing, or pet is at large, you average that they have actually not been recorded or made safe. ♦at large 
 phrase v-link PHR (=free) The male who do the efforts to have her killed is still at large.  
7 You usage by and big to show that a declare is mostly yet not completely true. ♦by and large 
 phrase PHR v cl (=on the whole) By and large, the papers greet the government"s new policy file with a certain amount that scepticism.  
8  → to a big extent 
 → extent  → larger than life  → life  → in large measure  → measure 
1  adj A large-scale activity or event happens over a really wide area or requires a lot of civilization or things. ADJ n  (Antonym: small-scale) ...a big scale armed forces operation.  
2  adj 
A massive map or diagram represents a little area of floor or a structure or machine on a range that is large enough for small details to be shown. ADJ n  (Antonym: small-scale) ...a large map the the county.  

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