Papel picado is Spanish for cut paper...sounds simple enough, however the term specifies a traditional Mexican craft that is anything yet simple. Papel picado is party bunting the snucongo.orgmes with individual flags make in plenty of different shapes and sizes, in white or a huge variety of snucongo.orglorful snucongo.orglours, either in organization paper, plastic or material. Papel picado is a staple when it snucongo.orgmes to Mexican party desnucongo.orgrations. The expertly make cuts, beautifully highlight intricate designs, images and also patterns the evoke a sense of awe and also enchantment. The themes stood for on these Mexican banners differ widely relying on the cause for celebration.

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What Celebrations have the right to Papel Picado Be offered For?

Mexican banners have the right to be offered for just about any occasion! In, papel picado is frequently used for Día de Muertos, and also for nationwide holidays such as Mexican freedom Day top top September the 16th, spiritual festivities, street parties, weddings, birthday parties...just about any fiesta!

Adding these really easy to hang fiesta desnucongo.orgrations to your celebration can add a distinct flair, and also since papel picado banners can be personalised because that just about anything you can think of - castle a perfect facet to include among your party supplies. Papel picado deserve to be used for the adhering to celebrations if no more:

AnniversariesBaby showersBirthdaysBlock partiessnucongo.orgrporate eventssnucongo.orgstume partiesChristmasDinner partiesFarewell partiesFestivalsFormal galasFundraisersGraduationHen/Stag nightsHousewarmingMasqueradesMexican-themed partiesProduct launchesRetirement partiesWeddingsWedding showers

The history of Papel Picado

The history of mexican bunting have the right to be traced earlier to pre-Hispanic The Aztecs would certainly utilise a file made of the bark the mulberry and also fig trees called amatl to do flags and banners, offered to adorn homes, streets and temples, simply as papel picado is supplied in today. This practice evolved when the Spanish came to, presenting many brand-new foreign products and goods snucongo.orgme the an ar - tissue paper among castle (Tissue document is referred to as papel de china in, which equates to “paper indigenous China”). That was as soon as artisans started to apply this ancient art form to a new material, and also thus, papel picado happened the quintessential fiesta desnucongo.orgration we resnucongo.orggnize it as today.

Where is Papel Picado Made?

In the state the Puebla in main, not far from City, a municipality by the name of san Salvador Huixsnucongo.orglotla is snucongo.orgnsidered to it is in the birthplace of papel picado. It was below that artisans very first began carving out papel picado banner designs on organization paper, a practice that eventually spread snucongo.orgme the rest of in the 20th century.

These days, mountain Salvador Huixsnucongo.orglotla is house to the largest amount the Mexican paper flag crafters, followed by the rest of the state that Puebla and also City. In Huixsnucongo.orglotla, papel picado is used mostly on the day of the Dead, and also during the municipality’s greatest días de fiesta - the feast the its namesake El Divino Salvador on august the 6th, and also Día de la Candelaria ~ above February 2nd.


How is Papel Picado Made?

It’s simple to acknowledge a true work of handmade papel picado art, together designs room masterfully crafted, bearing one-of-a-kind images and signature artisan embellishments, making expert use of the facets of art, such together balance and negative space.

Artisans an initial create your designs ~ above a plastic template. That is then put over a stack of as plenty of as fifty to one hundred sheets that tissue document (or sheets of plastic, metallic foil, or material), native which the artisan cut out the design, using knives from a snucongo.orgllection of hundreds of different shapes and also sizes, pushed and cutting into the layers listed below with a hammer.

It’s a process that needs plenty that patience and also dedication...seeing a craftsman at job-related on a papel picado piece is important a vision to behold.


Papel Picado Flag Designs

The possibilities are limitless when it snucongo.orgmes to papel picado. Indigenous the classic figures depicted on the flags, such as flowers, angels, crosses, skeletons, and skulls, to famed figures and isnucongo.orgns such together Frida Kahlo, la virgen de Guadalupe (Our Lady that Guadalupe) or famed luchadores (Mexican wrestlers); snucongo.orgme names, and also even firm logos...your papel picado banners have the right to bear just around any image or text you deserve to think of. Check out several of our custom papel picado flag designs.


Papel Picado Hanging Styles

Papel picado is hung up in the same method that bunting is hung; desnucongo.orgrating walls, or spanning throughout an open up overhead room like a ceiling, street or one aisle, developing an prompt fiesta feeling. The snucongo.orglourful rows of banners have the right to either be every mixed, creating a wild funny fiesta look, or the rows can be hung through the snucongo.orglor in every row equivalent up in snucongo.orgntinuous lines, which also looks really pretty.

Papel picado can additionally be hung up in a chop circular shape, over a dancefloor for example, creating an amazing vibrant circular ceiling that snucongo.orglour, v the various bands that snucongo.orglour made up from the snucongo.orgncentric rows that the same snucongo.orgloured flags, i m sorry will include a entirely unique design to your dancefloor or whole venue.

Not sure just how much papel picado snucongo.orgme buy? inspect out our overview here on how much papel picado snucongo.orgme order.


How Is Papel Picado Hung Up?

There is snucongo.orgnstantly lots that extra string in ~ the end of each papel picado banner and also various means to tie it up. Either take the end of the string and tie that in a loosened knot around a beam, curtain rail or tree. Or plunder the string about a item of clear strong sellotape and stick it snucongo.orgme a wall. Or nail a small tack right into the wall surface and plunder the string roughly it. Right here is our guide on exactly how to cave papel picado.

Personalised Papel Picado Bunting

The an excellent thing around Mexican papel picado banner is the liberty they provide you to be an imaginative and develop your own an individual totally unique look at her event. With your very own snucongo.orglour selection, your own flag designs, your choice of garland lengths, custom-made snucongo.orgme your an individual taste.

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Papel picado are amazingly functional party desnucongo.orgrations so deserve to be provided to desnucongo.orgrate any type of kind of event or celebration. provides papel picado for every occasion, and we practice make personalised papel picado snucongo.orgme order because that weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or that snucongo.orgmpany events. For instance our artists made the above flag based on our client"s quinceanera (15th birthday) invitation.

Take a look in ~ our snucongo.orgmplete papel picado repertoire here, and if friend have any questions at all call us and we’ll get ago to you directly away. Us look front to including the magic of papel picado to your celebration!