no kushina would give thanks to her because that taking care of naruto then punch sasuke for nearly killing she son and making him shed an arm and also kick kakashi for reading porn about naruto then she would hug sai due to the fact that he deserves it

No she would certainly shout in ~ Sakura and maybe hit she for hitting Naruto all the moment over the years particularly if she has actually memories of watching that in the seal. 

The rest true, she would additionally hug Teuchi and Ayame. She would certainly gush over Hinata. Hug Iruka and also treat him come ramen. 

oh so kushina have the right to punch the rest of the boys in the group, other than sai, for your mess however not sakura despite of her repetitive punches to Naruto face for no factor out of annoyance?


Sakura no repetitively punch Naruto as soon as she’s annoyed, Sakura’s habit of punching Naruto is over exaggerated through Studio Pierrot, and also canonicly Sakura has hit Naruto about 10 times. Just going to leaving these photos here.

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what difference does it make once in manga sakura is still presented as a bitch toward naruto and hitting him for no specific reason? (canon episode reflects this also) like what does she hitting the “10 times” somewhat excused she of no being abusive in the direction of naruto? funny exactly how the same saku-fans will excuse this together comedy relief currently all the sudden desire to go ago and to speak it’s “exaggerated” however at the very same time gift okay through it? together in continuously drawing naruto being hit by her regardless of of saying she not favor that? i guess that show your fandom and SP equally see the same photo when drawing or writing the idea that sakura haruno. When offered screentime she is simply annoyingly unlikable.

anyway, that photograph is bs because of

1. It is no equally related to a person obnoxiously punching a gal/mate because that unnecessary reasons/purposes or simply being rude in basic towards the individuals. A one time occurrence isn’t an problems UNLESS the exceedingly as well much. I m sorry is what sakura does and also do in the direction of naruto and sometime sai as soon as she doesn’t approve their responses are doesn’t prefer what they say or do. She also does it to other civilization too… so….

2. Why bring up anime scene despite in canon of these girls have actually never or once put their hands on any type of male character? (except because that tsunade and also every hotheaded kunochi in naruto).

3. Jijraya harass tsunade. Space you saying she cannot beat him for that?

4. One, RTN hinata is not even the genuine hinata. And two Where has actually it been shown of rtn hinata being violent in the direction of naruto? RTN hinata barely attack or fight naruto no one is a bitch come him either. That one photo of she aggressively not violently asking him a concern isn’t a equal complement to sakura unnecessary punches (which is a physical action) use, repeatingly, upon in the direction of sai and naruto. RTN hinata whenever showed up on screen, she’s mostly kissing up to RTN naruto (tenten dream). Whereby the intend violence she claim to have? and how is the equal come sakura punching naruto for giving out a dumb response? something like that wouldn’t even thought about as abusive various other than plain jealously RTN hinata is expressing. However that’s not, again, even hinata yet the opposite variation of her.

also, the truth that you lugged up comment of people liking the RUDE, an ext expressive version of hinata other than the type version the hinata, which hinata pan stands by. What does that say?

5. You should be joking to actually think ino deliberately HIT sai in spite of of him gift mind manage into attack his very own crew members. Thats simply dumb to include that in there as in some kind of proof of civilization being prejudice when it involves sakura bullshit once where has anybody say the it so cute or funny for ino to beat her attacker? now you recognize that is a comprised comment.

6. What provides you think civilization actually excused temari ( as soon as she wasn’t also written in the novel come slap shikamaru various other than naruto. Guess: v that present you just how OCC it was for she to fight anyone because she never ever does the in general) slapping shikamaru? no one excused this. 

7. An exact interaction between sakura and also kushina would be like this.


simple as that periodt.

it’s funny how sasuke bullshit is acknowledge but for sakura, for part reason, ignored as if she existing bitchy cocky violent mindset would not piss everyone off especially kushina. Acquire real here.


Sure Sakura is a bitch come Naruto, even though she to be only median to him in component one, and ended up being nicer come him. Likewise Sakura punching Naruto is comedy relief, the just reason why Sakura fans call it over exaggeration is because Studio Pierrot renders her struggle Naruto a lot, as soon as she barely access time him.

1. Sakura does have actually reasons to hit Naruto like once he referred to as her his girlfriend.

2. I carry up scenes from the anime, because even despite Pierrot employee animates multiple personalities as hotheaded and violent, Sakura haters will certainly only allude out just how Sakura is hotheaded and violent, despite the fact that by component two she struggle Naruto much less 보다 she go in component one.

3. Naruto referred to as Sakura his girlfriend, and tried to trick her into kissing him, no to likewise mention that he tried come manipulate her right into thinking the Sasuke is a jerk, but Sakura is the bitch because she hits him every once in a while, and also compared to other anime girls she access time him a lot much less frequently.

4. The point of me bringing up RTN Hinata is that once she action hotheaded and violent she was called a baddass, when Sakura who treated Naruto far better in part two 보다 she did in component one is dubbed an abusive bitch.

5. Again i don’t think Ino fight Sai, because she was angry or annoyed at him, ns was mentioning how human being think the Ino hitting Sai was cute and funny, however Sakura hitting Naruto is violent and also abusive

6. People did excuse Temari for slapping Shikamaru, and also they said it to be for comedy relief, the same reason why Kishi draws Sakura punching Naruto every as soon as in a while.

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7. Never ever mind the fact that when Minato inquiry Naruto if Sakura to be his girlfriend and also Naruto claimed yes Sakura struggle him because that calling him his girlfriend and also was reminded of Kushina.


Also the key girl punching the main guy is typical in shonen together slapstick. WTF IS THIS SHIT? Ironically sufficient Kushina said get a girl choose her and also Sakura is that girl (Minato claimed this) so even with Kishi’s red herring, it’s an ext likely that Kushina would favor Sakura and also get along great with her. 

 I yes, really doubt comic relief slapstick hitting is understood as ‘ABUSE’ by everyone in the manga or in Japan or anyone with usual sense. Simply overly sensitive biased fake sjws ~ above who need an forgive to dislike Sakura because they’re sad and pathetic virtually 5 years after the manga ended.