This week’s phrase was influenced by the refrain of Zitti e Buoni, the track that winner 2021 version of the European song Contest. Created by Italian rock tape Måneskin, that is dedicated to the commonly misunderstood and misjudged Generation Z, to which the tape members belong.

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Siamo fuori di testa!

We’re the end of our minds!


is the first-person plural kind of the verb essere (to be). The is the identical of are in English.There is no require to incorporate the subject pronoun noi (we) because the verb finishing -iamo plainly demonstrates that the topic is.

literally means head but used figuratively, it can translate as mind or brain. Note just how in Italian, the singular testa (mind) is supplied rather than the many teste (minds).

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Siamo fuori di testa! = We’re the end of our minds!

But let’s be realistic for a second: how often do we openly declare our very own insanity? practically never! That’s why the idiom fuori di testa is an ext likely to be offered toward an additional person (sei fuori di testa = you are out of her mind) or come talk about another human (è fuori di testa = he/she is out of his/her mind), as in the complying with example:

Quel ragazzo è fuori di testa. Guida come un pazzo.

That young is the end of his mind. The drives favor a madman.

A an ext colloquial means to use this expression is to omit di testa and use fuori. It likewise works as a rhetorical question.

Vai a fare paracadutismo senza paracadute? Ma sei fuori?!

You’re going skydiving without a parachute? are you out of her mind?!

È fuori di testa! = He’s out of his mind!

Some other methods of saying fuori di testa in Italian include:

pazzo = crazymatto = crazyfolle = crazyimpazzito = gone crazy

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