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My question is and I would favor to understand that at once frequently offered the idiom "YELLOW STREAK" currently rarely used. The Idiom is offered regarding, CHINESE PEOPLE".What does the Idiom mean?

In i m sorry contexts this idiom deserve to be used.it seems the meaning is critical and disrespectful. In snucongo.org novels written by Somerset Maugham, these set of indigenous are periodically found. Can the collection of indigenous be used as Applause?



A yellow streak, follow to the OED (under "yellow, adj. And also n."), is

colloquial (originally U.S.) a tendency towards cowardice (cf. Feeling A. 3b).

The first cited circumstances helpfully glosses the compound:

1892 day-to-day Picayune (New Orleans) 19 Sept. 3/1 They..said..that I could not struggle hard, and also that I had actually a ‘yellow streak’—meaning that ns was afraid.

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It is unclear why specifically yellow is linked with cowardice. Under A. 3b, the OED poses one possibility yet admits uncertainty:

The colour yellow was already associated with treachery in the middle Ages, as is viewed (for example) in the frequency with which Judas Iscariot is stood for in middle ages art as wearing yellow or having actually a yellow moustache (cf. Judas-coloured adj. In ~ Judas n. Link 2a); however, the origin of the specific association of the colour v cowardice, which seems to have arisen in American contexts in the later on 19th cent., is unclear.

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