Stugots, stugats: the name that Tony Sopranosboat means "this dick" in. English. And also not just that, it"ssouthern Italian dialect. The. Initial term is "STU CAZZO; "stumeans "this" as in "questo".

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Click to see complete answer. Also, what was Tony Soprano's boat called?

Tony Soprano"s boat is The Stugots.

One may additionally ask, what walk the Italian indigenous Marone median in English? Marone – (Southern Italian dialect)– literally "Madonna" (i.e. – the Blessed Virgin Mary,not the pop star), usually used together "damn" or "damn it". Sometimespronounced "ma don". Pazzo – (Italian) – crazy,often dialecized as "obatzo" or "ubatz" once meaning "you"recrazy".

keeping this in view, what walk Stugotz median in Italian?

the is one americanized expression that contempt used byItalian immigrant to the US derived from a component of the malebody. The is not Italian or Italian slang ordialect.

What walk the Italian native stew gottes mean?

Stunod is southern Italian dialect for"stupid" or having one"s head in the clouds and also not payingattention, native the Italian "stonato" i m sorry means,"out of tune"

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What walk Ugatz mean?

Literally means "Madonna" or "Mother of Christ."Used come express shock or discontent. E.g "Frank, your mother justgot struggle by a car" "Marone" - Ugatz/Stoo gatz (oo-gatz /stoo-gatz) precise means "My dick" or "Thisdick."
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What does Goomba average in Italian?

Slang A companion or associate, particularly an olderfriend that acts together a patron, protector, or adviser. Etymology:Probably alteration of Italian compare, godfather, fromMedieval Latin compater. Goombah (sometimes Goomba) is aslang term regional to the brand-new York area supplied to explain anItalian-American.
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What is the F word in Italian?

Pope Francis Accidentally says The F-Word InItalian. Aboriginal Spanish speak Pope Francis, usingItalian in his weekly Vatican resolve Sunday, claimed theobscene “cazzo,” which Italians regularly utter as anF-bomb, rather of “caso,” i beg your pardon means“case.”
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What walk Va Fangool mean?

But fongool (also fangool) is not, together it mightappear here, a word to define people. The is an Americanizedversion of Italian profanity. The initial phrase is Va" afare in culo, regularly shortened come vaffanculo, or just fanculo. Thisliterally method “go do that in one ass” and also issimilar to the English expression fuck you.
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What does Tony mean in slang?

adjective. The definition the tony isslang and also means stylish or luxurious. An instance ofsomething tony is a brand new luxury vehicle.
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What does Stugots average in Italian slang?

> Stugots, stugats: the surname of Tony Sopranosboat way "this dick" in. > English. And also not only that, it"ssouthern Italian dialect. The. > initial term is"STU CAZZO; "stu method "this" as in "questo".
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What does Minga average in Italian?

Minga, (from the Italian verb mingerewhich way "to urinate"), one impolite Sicilian slang term used todenote frustration or as a derogatory descriptive term for aperson.
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What go jabroni mean in Italian?

Grant traces this playful insult, meaning a“rube” or “loser,” come the 1920s, whenItalian immigrants lugged over a similar-sounding Milaneseterm for “ham.” Jabronie is additionally commonly used inprofessional wrestling, referring to those guys collection up to shed tothe superstars.
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What is a Moolinyan?

The term moolinyan is really rarely used. That is morecommonly used in the TV show, The Sopranos. The typical term isMoolie, i m sorry is shortened indigenous melanzana, which method eggplant inItalian. One more term is Moolignon, i m sorry is the mix ofmoolie and hooligan.
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What walk cavone typical in Italian?

He is such a cavone! rude. Crude is supplied in SlangItalian. Words Cavone is a general term , is usedin Slang, Italian meaning Rude, coarse,uneducated,rude.
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What does Ditsoon typical in Italian?

Italian native meaning "Burnt", offered as aderogatory term because that blacks. Usage: so lets obtain this straight,your"e ditsoon, charcial briquette,a mulignan.ditsoon rate. (Adult / Slang) useless Chicago gay nicknamefor a black male homosexual.

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What does Mulignan median in Italian?

Something like: "a indigenous meaning egg plant inSicilian i beg your pardon is provided by Italian-Americnas together an insult toblacks" indigenous a source better than city Dictionary.
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