What walk Joey mean?


as a girls" name (also used more commonly together boys" surname Joey) is the Hebrew derivation, and the name Joey means "Jehovah increases". Joey is a version of Josephine (Hebrew).STARTS with Jo-


RELATIONS VIA JOSEPHINE Jo▼, Joette, Josee, Josefa, Josey, Josie, Josy, Jozsa

CREATIVE FORMS(female) (male) center NAME PAIRINGSJoey Jovie (J.J.), ..

How well-known is Joey?

Joey is a very popular an initial name for females (#1895 out of 4276, optimal 44%) and also a contempt less renowned last surname for all civilization (#124872 out of 150436, height 83%). (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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Joey was first listed in 1950-1959 and also reached its highest position the #765 in the U.S. Throughout 1970-1979, and is in ~ #1447 presently. (2018 U.S. SSA RECORDS)



Which version is better?

Popular alternate forms the Joey (#1447 IN 2018) showing up in the peak 2000 space Josephine (#91), Josie (#192), Jo, Joette, Josefa and Josey. Consumption of these creates of Joey was prevalent a century ago (AVERAGE #1101) and also has end up being significantly reduced since (#1390, down 65%), v versions such as Josephine falling the end of fashion.

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Similar Names

Joey is alike in pronunciation come Ja-, Jae, Jay, Jaya, Jaye, Je-, Jeh, Jey, Jioia, Jioya, Joi, Joia, Joie, Joy, Joya and Joye. Other said similar-sounding names room Aley, Cloey, Codey, Coley, Corey▼, Dodey, Dorey, Evey, Fey, Honey, Ivey, Jacy, Jady, Jael▲, Jamey, Jany, Joan▼, Jobey, Joby, Joci, Joda, Jodee, Jodey, Jodi▼, Jody▼, Joela, Joelly, Joely, Jola, Joley, Joli, Joly, Jolyn, Jonay, Jone, Jonee, Jonel, Jonet, Joni▼, Jooley, Jorey, Jori, Jorry, Joss, Judey, Judy▼, Juley, July, Kodey, Lorey, Lovey, Posey, Rey, Rosey, Roxey, Sokey, Tobey, Toney and Zoey▲. These names often tend to it is in less generally used than Joey.