Origin of the name Tristan:

From the Old French Tristran, which is indigenous the Gaelic Drystan, a name obtained from drest (tumult, riot). The surname was borne in medieval legend by a knight who was sent to Israel by King note of Cornwall to bring Isolde earlier to be the king"s bride. On the return trip, Tristan and also Isolde accidentally drank a love medicine intended for the king and fell in love. Tristan left come fight because that King Howel of Brittany and, seriously wounded in battle, sent out for Isolde. She arrived also late and died indigenous grief alongside Tristan"s deathbed. The tale was the topic of many popular tragedies during the center Ages.

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Tris, Tristen, Tristin, Tristram, Trystan

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Tris, Trist, Trista, Tristi, Trissy, Tay, Ty, Triscuit,

Meanings and history of the name Tristan

It is the Celtic origin. Meaning: Tumult; outcry. From a Celtic name in Arthurian legend, Tristan (sometimes called Tristram) was a items of the ring Table and also the catastrophic hero that the middle ages tale "Tristan and Isolde". The tale has been retold in many poems and operas. This ancient name might derive native a Pictish original, Drostan, however the type was probably influenced by the French hatchet "triste", an interpretation "sad". The surname is popular in Spain.

Famous real-life world named Tristan

Tristan Tzara, Dadaist poetSalvador Dali"s work on the ballet "Tristan Fou"Tristan Evans, drummer that the english band The VampsTristan Ayley, son of Marianas Trench member Mike AyleyTristan Milos trump card (b. 2011), boy of American businessman and former reality television personality Donald Trump, Jr.Tristan Thompson - NBA PlayerTristan Harris - tech ethicistTristan Rogers - Australian soap opera actor that played Robert Scorpio on "Days of our Lives"

Tristan in song, story & screen

Little tristan from some BBC display the freaky little kid

-Tristan Dugray in "Gilmore Girls" (portrayed by Chad Michael Murray)-Tristan and also Isolde - the opera by Wagner is the best known adaptation/dramatization that the legend-Tristan Ludlow in "Legends of the Fall" (portrayed by Brad Pitt in the film). The name had actually a quick blip the trendiness after this movie. The is based upon a novella by Jim Harrison. The surname Tristan was chosen by the writer for the symbolism- an interpretation tumult or sad. In the movie, tragedies happen to anyone he is nearby to: "Tristan is the rock versus others room broken".-Main character in the movie "Stardust" (portrayed by Charlie Cox). Based upon the Neil Gaiman book, wherein the character is referred to as "Tristram."-Tristan Farnon is the likeable younger brothers of Siegfried in James Herriot"s "All Creatures great and Small" and also other books.-Tristan in the movie "King Arthur"(portrayed through Mads Mikkelsen)-Tristan to be a knight of the round table the legend- that was said to be Lancelot"s ideal friend, they were the finest in battle and neither can defeat the various other at fencing, to add they bonded over their forbidden lovers.-Tristan the weird small kid native George & Mildred-Tristan Milligan, a character on the TV present Degrassi