What does the narrator realize by the end of the story the she is in love?

The narrator found at the finish of the story the love and also value she is having actually for her country Puerto Rico based upon the culture,values,the root withe belief she has actually in it despite the poverty level.

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Why walk the narrator realize by the end of the story?

Explanation: In this story, Elenita looks for her self-awareness and identity. She goes through many disputes with she parents yet at the finish of the story, she reflects on the life and the previous of she parents and also realizes how much her parents love every other.

What does the narrator realize by the finish of the story answer com?

The narrator supplies the native “keep” in the story to typical survive. Through the finish of the story the narrator feeling reassured.

Why doesn’t the narrator’s father desire to go earlier to Puerto Rico Brainly?

Why doesn’t the narrator’s father want to go back to Puerto Rico in the story Gravity? since he desires to send the narrator to an American school.

Why walk the narrator think her mother?

The narrator thinks that to her mommy the umbrella would symbolize what she considers the rubbish extravagance of typical Americans.

Why go the narrator think her mother’s watch of Puerto Rico is naïve apex?

Answer: due to the fact that Puerto Rico is simply as negative as the barrio. In this story, the writer tells us about the way her mom feels. However, the speaker believes the her mother is a victim the idealization, and also that her view of Puerto Rico is naïve, as Puerto Rico is simply as poor as the barrio.

Why walk the narrator’s mother most most likely put the guardian angel?

Answer skilled Verified In “Gravity”, by Judith Ortiz Cofer, the narrator’s mother most likely put the guardian angel picture up exterior the narrator’s room c. To repeat the narrator of her Puerto Rican roots.

When the narrator sees she parents dance What go she realize about gravity apex?

Answer expert Verified once the narrator sees she parents dancing, she realized that love connects human being together, choose gravity.

What word ideal describes Sister mar Joseph?


Which word ideal describes the narrator’s feeling towards her mommy at the end of fish cheeks?

Answer experienced Verified She evaluate the lesson and the true objective behind the details menu her mom prepared, and also it to be none other than every her favourite foods. It have the right to be inferred the the writer feeling toward her mommy is admiration, a feeling of respect and also understanding towards her mother’s lesson.

Who is the audience in fish cheeks?

Who is their appropriate audience? i think her right audience are people who room actually a decimal in the nation that castle live in. Much more specifically, for the first and second generation immigrant or young children of these immigrants.

What item of evidence best reveals the narrator’s feelings around her family’s behavior during dinner?

The adhering to paragraph can be considered as the best piece that evidence about Amy’s feelings during the dinner: “Dinner threw me deeper right into despair. My relatives licked the end of their chopsticks and reachedacross the table, dipping them right into the dozen or therefore plates of food.

What to be Amy Tan’s mother’s sentence?

On Christmas night I saw that mine mother had outdone it s her in producing a strange menu. She to be pulling black veins out of the backs the fleshy prawns. ~ everyone had gone, my mom said to me, “You desire to it is in the same as American girl on the outside.”

Why does Tan’s mother go the end of her way to prepare a disturbingly timeless Chinese dinner for her daughter and also guests?

Tan’s mom went out of her way to prepare a disturbingly Chinese dinner because she want to show to she guests as well as her daughter the their Chinese heritage to be nothing to be embarrassed about but rather something to be proud of. She verified this by acquisition the food selection to the extreme.

Why walk Amy Tan usage the imagery belched loudly to explain her father’s burp and reddened to describe Robert’s face?

Amy Tan. Why walk Amy Tan usage the imagery “belched loudly” to explain her father’s burp and also “reddened” to explain Robert’s face? to show that she father is trying to embarrass her. To show that Robert is can not to burp and also show he is satisfied.

Why go tan finish the essay by informing the reader that she mother has chosen her favourite foods?

Why does Tan finish the essay by telling the leader that she mother had actually chosen her favorite foods? to contrast the way Amy feels around the food and the means her mom feels around it. To comparison her own descriptions that the food with just how she really feels around the food.

Why is Amy embarrassed in ~ the dinner?

This shows that Amy was embarrassed due to the fact that Robert thought it to be gross and also that she father shared everyone the she prefer to eat fish cheeks. This likewise shows that Amy want Robert to think the she didnt prefer it either. An additional example of Amys embarrassment throughout dinner happens when Amys father let out a large burp.

What article does Amy Tan send?

What message does Amy Tan’s description send? She feels that her mommy is prepare the most unusual food she has ever before prepared because that one meal. She believes her mother is do the efforts to admire the minister’s household by making much more food than they can possibly eat.

Why does Amy’s mother cook all her favorite foods even though she knows it will embarrass Amy?

Why walk Amy’s mother cook all her favourite foods also though she to know it will certainly embarrass Amy? She wants Amy come remember that she is and also her culture. She desires to store Amy far from Robert. She wants Robert’s household to come back an ext often.

How does the narrator’s embarrassed attitude towards her society affect the means she describes events in the i fish cheeks?

How go the narrator’s allude of view impact how the occasions are described in the passage? She is awkward by she family’s Chinese customs, and also this shame influences exactly how she defines the food and also her family’s behavior. Years later, she to learn to appreciate her family and also her Chinese American identity.

What go Tan’s mother typical when she claimed to Amy Your just shame is to have shame?

What did Tan’s mother average when she claimed to Amy, “Your only shame is to have actually shame”? Her mother is attempting to point out that Amy need to not it is in embarrassed about her culture.

What is the resolution the fish cheeks?

Falling action: she didn’t agree with her that, yet she eventually construed her lesson. Resolution: she realized for Christmas eve the year, she mom had actually chosen all of her favourite foods. Amy dreams to be American yet she’s not and she’s awkward of it.

What is the orgasm in fish cheeks?

The orgasm of Fish Cheeks, is once the families are having a meal and belching.

What is the layout of the story fish cheeks?

The template of “Fish Cheeks” is it is in proud of who you are. Initially, Amy was embarrassed around being Chinese, particularly in the challenge of having actually her crush, Robert, who is white, come to her house for a Chinese Christmas dinner.

What is the narrator’s main conflict in fish cheeks?

What is the narrator’s main dispute in the story fish cheeks? She is afraid that Robert won’t choose her when he sees how her family members celebrates Christmas. Why is the narrator worried around her mother’s Christmas night dinner menu? She think the food will seem strange to the guests.

What is the narrator’s key conflict?

In this passage the narrator’s main problem is an extremely clear, obvious and actually me explanatory due to the fact that the narrator keeps roaming about the subject the whole paragraph obsessively and also exclusively; in order to the prize is certainly (A.) “He doesn’t choose someone mispronouncing his name”.

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Who is the main character in fish cheeks by Amy Tan?

As the plot in “Fish Cheeks” progresses, new characters and problems arise that the main character, Amy, battles to handle. Throughout the exposition, you learn that the main character is a young Chinese girl. The rigid takes location on Christmas eve, when the author was 14 years old.