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arthritic basic pseudoparalysis, arthritide, arthritis, arthritis deformans, arthritis mutilans, arthro-, Arthrobacter, arthrocele, arthrocentesis, arthrochondritis, arthroclasia

Arthro- is a combining kind used prefer a prefix definition “joint” or “jointed.” the is frequently used in medical and also scientific terms.

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Arthro- comes from the Greek árthron, meaning “a joint.” concerned arthro- and deriving from a Greek word based upon árthron is arthritis, “acute or chronic inflammation the the joint.”

What room variants the arthro-?

When combined with words or word facets that begin with a vowel, arthro- i do not care arthr-, together in arthralgia.

An example of a word you may have actually encountered that features anthro- is arthropod, a scientific name for such creepy crawlies as insects, spiders and other archanids, and crustaceans.

We have actually learned currently that the prefix arthro- method “joint.” What about the –pod part of the word? It method “foot,” indigenous the Greek poús.

So, arthropod literally equates to “jointed foot.” Indeed, arthopods have a segmented body, jointed limbs, and usually a chitinous covering that undergoes moltings.

Another creature, the octopus, is also derived in component from the Greek poús, meaning “foot.” deserve to you assumption: v why? find the answer at our entry on octopus.

What space some words that use the combining type arthro-?

What room some other creates that arthro- may be generally confused with?

Break it down!

The combining kind –meter way “measure.” with that in mind, what walk an arthrometer measure?

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British snucongo.org definitions for arthro-


before a vowel arthr-

combining form
indicating a jointarthritis; arthropod

Word origin for arthro-

from Greek arthron

Medical meanings for arthro-


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