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Trop- is a combining type used favor a prefix variously meaning “turn,” “reaction, response,” or “change.” that is provided in some technological terms.

Trop- ultimately comes from the Greek trópos, “turn,” and also tropḗ, “a turning.” The Greek trópos is likewise the source of the native trope and tropical. The your rotate to do the connection between “turning,” figures of speech, and also the tropics in ~ our entries for the words.

Trop– is a different of tropo-, which loser its –o– when an unified with words or word elements beginning through vowels.

Want to recognize more? review our Words That use tropo article. 

Corresponding develops of trop- and tropo- an unified to the finish of words are -trope, -tropic, -tropism, –tropous, and –tropy. Learn around their certain applications in our Words the Use write-ups for the forms.

Examples of trop-

An instance of a scientific term that functions the combining form trop- is tropism, “an orientation that an organism to an exterior stimulus, as light, specifically by growth rather than by movement.”

The very first part of the word, trop-, deserve to indicate “reaction, response.” The second component of the word, -ism, can denote an “action or practice.” Tropism, then, literally converts to “act the reacting,” referring to just how organisms that display tropism room responding to outside stimuli.

What are some indigenous that usage or are concerned the combining type trop-?

What room some other creates that tropo- might be typically confused with?

The French trop, definition “too, too much, too many,” is totally spelled v the same letters as trop-, but the two creates are unrelated.

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Break it down!

Exotropia (exo-, “outside”) is a vision disorder problem where one or both eyes rotate outward. Offered that the combining form eso- means “inner,” what is esotropia?

How to usage trop in a sentence

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Variant oftropo-


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