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The Latin source word spir way “breathe.” This root is the word origin of a fair variety of English vocabulary words, consisting of inspire, respiration, and also expire. The root spir is conveniently recalled via the word perspiration, that is, sweat in the action of “breathing” with the pores of your skin.

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in-in, into
eused because that spelling and also pronunciation

When you have actually been inspired to execute something, the idea has actually been “breathed into” her mind.


a-to, towards
eused because that spelling and pronunciation

When friend aspire to something, favor greatness, you “breathe towards” it. You can also think that every concentrated “breath” girlfriend take together going “towards” her goal, or aspiration.

Breathe simple with “Spir”

The Latin source word spir means “breathe.” This podcast will offer you the inspiration you have to “breathe” knowledge into the analysis of words v the root spir in them!

Did you know that the blowhole the a whale is dubbed its spiracle, the aperture through which the whale “breathes?” The spiracle aids in the respiration that the whale, the is, that is “breathing” in and also out and earlier again. The course, when a whale expires, hopefully because of a ripe old age, it has actually “breathed” the end its last “breath.”

When you have an inspiration, an idea is “breathed” right into your mind. Say the the idea might make you rich; it will nevertheless much more than likely require a good deal that perspiration on her part, or the sweat “breathing” through the pores of her skin, to bring about that huge wealth. If you work difficult enough, the idea may end up being reality or transpire, the is, “breathe” across from not being done to emerging for real.

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Your inspiration might require a conspiracy to carry it about, or a “breathing” with each other of a group of people while flower a plot of part sort. Her group could indeed must conspire or “breathe” together if her aspiration, or “breathing” in the direction of a score of part kind, was to have actually every Twinkie in the civilization for yourselves! If girlfriend work tough as friend aspire to or “breathe” towards that goal, you might really well with it.

I hope the this podcast has spearheaded the way towards a understanding of spir, having provided you v the inspiration to satisfy words through spir in lock head on!

spiracle: blowhole v which a whale “breathes” respiration: “breathing” in and also out, again and again expire: to “breathe” out one’s critical “breath” (n.b. One x=ks) inspiration: a “breathing” into one’s mind of a good idea perspiration: the act of sweat “breathing” v the skin’s pores transpire: to “breathe” across into happening conspiracy: a team “breathing” together to flower a plot of part sort conspire: to “breathe” together aspiration: the action of “breathing” towards a certain goal aspire: to “breathe” towards a set goal