2a : a disorder (such as a fungus disease) of plants significant by loss of turgidity in soft tissues with subsequent drooping and often shriveling

— called additionally wilt disease

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Synonyms for wilt

Synonyms: Verb

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Verb The warm weather wilted the plants. The crowd wilted in the heat. he wilted under the pressure.
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Recent instances on the Web: Verb The warm mushrooms wilt the bitter arugula greens and soften the Comte cheese, do a traditional dressing unnecessary. — Elizabeth Karmel, Forbes, 11 Oct. 2021 three consecutive three-and-out cd driver marred the second quarter as Alabama hosted the round for only about four minutes and also saw the defense start to wilt in the afternoon’s suffocating humidity. — Mike Rodak | Mrodak
al.com, al, 22 Sep. 2021 Coach Matt Nagy will certainly wilt under the sewage pressure, bench Dalton and start Fields. — Rex Huppke, chicagotribune.com, 10 Sep. 2021 Botrytis is a an ext serious condition of peonies in which young stalks wilt and die. — Tim Johnson, chicagotribune.com, 2 Oct. 2021 The flower left for she hadn’t even had a possibility to wilt. — Washington Post, 18 Sep. 2021 yet playing at home right now of year tends to wilt opponents. — Keven Lerner, sun-sentinel.com, 16 Sep. 2021 add the spinach to the pan and also stir right into the cauliflower to wilt. — Beth Segal, cleveland, 2 Sep. 2021 Debbie noticed the rosebushes follow me the highway, for this reason lush on her first trip, were beginning to wilt. — Meg Kissinger, jsonline.com, 31 Aug. 2021 Recent examples on the Web: Noun her leaves could be sunlight burned, or might have tomato blight or tomato wilt. — oregonlive, 21 Aug. 2021 In the last five-plus years, the wilt has taken over. — BostonGlobe.com, 15 Aug. 2021 many cucumber vines that die suddenly space victims of bacterial wilt. — BostonGlobe.com, 15 Aug. 2021 Oak wilt was been roughly for decades and has been shown in 40 of the state’s counties. — native Usa this particular day Network and also Wire Reports, USA TODAY, 8 July 2021 Oak wilt and the emerald ash borer proceed to spread out farther across the state, leaving dead oak and ash in your wake. — Greg Stanley, Star Tribune, 26 June 2021 The leaves and also stems wilt on the external edges leave the facility green and also healthy looking. — oregonlive, 12 June 2021 Inland gardeners are much more likely to see fusarium wilt (F). — Pam Peirce, San Francisco Chronicle, 2 Apr. 2021 Pests and Diseases: The most usual problems for cilantro room fungal wilt, sheet hoppers, aphids, whiteflies, and mildew. — Amanda Garrity, Good Housekeeping, 26 might 2020

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First recognized Use that wilt


circa 1691, in the meaning defined in ~ intransitive feeling 1a


1855, in the definition defined at feeling 1

History and Etymology for wilt


alteration of previously welk, from center English welken, more than likely from middle Dutch; akin to Old High German erwelkēn to it must be