In instance you haven’t heard the the 4 “C’s”, guys, they are: Carat weight; Color; Clarity; and Cut. These room the four major points that require you have to be conscious of when choosing an engagement diamond for your sweetheart. In this post I’m going to talk about the weightiest that the C’s: Diamond Carats.

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Learning about Diamonds, One C in ~ a Time

Most human being when searching for a diamond begin with carat which is the load of the diamond. “I’d prefer the look in ~ a one carat,” is frequently heard. And also one carat is a pretty size and also a nice basic size. Yet there room things to recognize when you look because that a diamond and also weight is your very first step. Read on.

Why it’s referred to as a Carat and Understanding Jeweler Jargon

Carat trunk from words “carob.” Imagine an ancient balance scale with a gemstone top top one side and also carob seed on the other. Because each carab seed weighed the same, they were great for weighing purposes. Carat is abbreviated as ct. Today one carat weighs 0.2 grams.

Think the one carat together 100/100ths. So a .75ct diamond is 75/100ths the a carat, and likewise called a 3/4 carat diamond. And .25cts is 25/100ths the a carat or a 4 minutes 1 carat. It help to recognize the various methods the weight is ad to. Jeweler’s might say, “Here’s a pretty fifty percent carater.” They mean it’s about a fifty percent carat.

What’s the Difference in between 1 Carat and 1 Carat total Weight?

Total load (TW.) describes the linked weight that a number of smaller diamonds ~ above a ring. For this reason you can have a 1 carat (ct.) center diamond and .75cts complete Weight (TW.) of next diamonds.

The reason this is crucial to know, is the if you intended to acquire your girlfriend a one carat diamond and also someone shows you a ring with lots of tiny diamonds and also says, “it’s one carat,” it’s quite to understand that they room referring to the full weight of every the diamonds on the ring. And also not trying come fool you.

I have talked to guys who were crazy perplexed by this. Explaining this made your eyebrows go ago to normal. One guy referred to as a store to watch if they had actually one carat engagement rings. The guy said, “we certain do and also we have actually a special,” and named a really low price. My customer went in and also was presented a swarm of diamonds that was one carat in total. “Here’s the one carat diamond ring dude.” Yeah, No!

Luckily in addition to being a bunch of tiny diamonds which appeared wrong come him, castle were really gray and cloudy. He showed me a picture. Ns congratulated the on no proposing through that cloudy awful ring.

How to check out the Diamond Ring’s Price Tag


If You usage a variety of Smaller Diamonds, You deserve to Have a large Carat load in full Weight

Finally, numerous couples don’t have actually a most money once they’re an initial starting out and also can’t afford a bigger stone. Nothing worry. It’s all around the love…not the rock. Obtain something nice, but that you have the right to afford.

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Ten years under the line when you’re much more established financially, friend can constantly exchange the smaller sized diamond because that a larger one. Couples carry out this every the time.

Now you recognize a little about the weightiest “C”, diamond carats. You that much closer to being able to comfortable shop for an engagement diamond. Way to go!