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I have actually a TRS top top order indigenous CJ (who is an excellent by the way). This is my an initial LB and very first 1911. Ns am start to share up ~ above ammo because that the break in and also see great prices on Remington UMC mega packs (250 rounds) of .45 230gr Metal situation ammo. Go anyone have any experience v this ammo? would certainly it it is in fine to use during break in?Thanks.
Don"t understand if it would certainly be well or not, but metal situation is much harder 보다 brass and an ext likely to reason damage. I do not usage metal situation ammo in any type of of mine guns.
1 brass is metal, umc is brass cased, some space nickel plated.UMC is a reputable brand and perfectly adequate for range use.
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duh, I check out metal and interpreted steel instance ammo:biglaugh:. IF that is brass, then there must be no problem. Simply becarefull around storing aluminum cased ammo in the eastern coast.
UMC is Brass cased, the MC (metal case) describes the Bullet as in full Metal Jacket.They just mark it MC instead of FMJ.Yes it is good to usage this for breakin and also other purposes. I usage it in mine Baers with no issues.
There is some brand-new Remington ammo that is stole cased through nickel plating. I have actually not shot any kind of yet, yet have heard the is an excellent stuff.

Don"t know if it would certainly be fine or not, yet metal instance is much harder than brass and much more likely to cause damage. I carry out not use metal instance ammo in any of my guns.

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Why will certainly this rumor not die?Steel have the right to be alloyed to be a whole lot softer 보다 an extractor and a chamber. That"s what they carry out to steel used for cartridge cases. It will certainly not damage your gun.
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