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When the sun shines on the mountainsAnd the night is on the runIt"s A new dayIt"s A new wayAnd I fly as much as the sunI deserve to feel the morning sunlightI deserve to smell the new mvery own hayI deserve to hear god"s voices callingFrom the gold skylight wayUna paloma blancaI"m simply A bird in the skyUna paloma blancaOver the hills I flyNo one have the right to take my flexibility awayOnce I had my share of losingOnce they locked me on A chainYes, they tried to break my powerOh, I still can feel the painInstrupsychological interludeWhen the sun shines on the mountainsAnd the night is on the runIt"s A brand-new dayIt"s A new wayAnd I fly as much as the sunUuh uuh
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