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once the sunlight shines top top the mountainsAnd the night is ~ above the runIt"s A new dayIt"s A new wayAnd i fly up to the sunI have the right to feel the morning sunlightI have the right to smell the brand-new mown hayI have the right to hear god"s voices callingFrom the gold skylight wayUna paloma blancaI"m just A bird in the skyUna paloma blancaOver the mountains I flyNo one deserve to take my flexibility awayOnce I had my share of losingOnce lock locked me ~ above A chainYes, castle tried to break my powerOh, ns still can feel the painInstrumental interludeWhen the sun shines top top the mountainsAnd the night is ~ above the runIt"s A brand-new dayIt"s A new wayAnd ns fly as much as the sunUuh uuh
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