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‘Other type of sweet wine are creates of strengthened wines and also ripaso-style wines, such together vin santo or succulent tawny ports.’‘You didn"t think we"d toss turn off the idea to offer wines favor moscato and vin santo, then leaving you hanging, did you?’‘We recognize to enjoy it a glass or two of vin blanc and/or vin rouge of an evening.’‘Indeed words ‘vinegar’ comes from the French vin aigre, meaning sour wine.’‘France stays the house of necessary wine, often referred to as vin biologique, with over fifty percent of the world"s registered vine-growers, significantly in the warm, dried climate that the south.’‘He jumps up, disappears, returns armed with wine, vin santo and also a stack of plastic cups. ‘Go on!’’‘In Bordeaux, winemakers are just trying to make the finest grand vin, or top wine, and also most will ruthlessly demote wines together they watch fit.’‘Paris is complete of small, cozy community restaurants the serve really decent food at reasonable prices, usually enjoyed with a hearty carafe the vin rouge maison.’‘Finally, the meal involves an end with pecorino and pear, a range of home-made cakes, vin santo and cantucci, Marsala wine and coffee.’‘Within minutes there were two vin blancs in front of us.’‘That heavenly foaming alcohol we understand as champagne to be once called vin diable, and also for very good reason.’‘We to be forced, arms twisted up our backs, to wash the feast down v copious amounts of vin rouge and/or blanc.’‘An inspired medical study, the French Paradox, reportedly proves that a glass that vin rouge counters the worrying effects of high-cholesterol diets, specific a thickening the the arteries in the heart.’‘Bring along a baguette and also a party of vin blanc and join the judge because that an idyll in the French countryside.’‘You"d be much better off continuing to be at home with une bouteille de vin rouge’.’‘They have learnt, through lot experience, that we deserve to literally tell in ~ a glance (though normally over a glass that vin rouge) if what lock are about to begin taking will aid or damage them.’‘Fiona bespeak roast monkfish tail, clams, cocotte potatoes and also sauce vin rouge while ns went for the salmon escalope, fish velouté risotto and also poached egg.’‘There is, however, one very an easy problem through vin rouge - it stains the white linen cloths supplied to clean the chalices and also drape the altars.’‘Not surprisingly, he has uncovered the utter happiness to be discovered in a decent bottle of vin rouge.’‘Most of the big chateaux refuse to release a cool vin or key chateau wine that year.’