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If you decide to offer your country and also join the military, there room a couple of thing you have to know. Contained in the usual range of trial and error performed at the army Entrance handling Station, MEPS, is drug screening.

What come Expect

Heads Up: MEPS is the rap – You space tested ~ above the spot

If friend are acquainted with urine drug screening procedure this may be really similar., The MEPS medicine test is performed nearly identical come the standard UA (Urine Analysis). As soon as in the processing, you are asked a couple of standard concerns by the technician then given a arsenal cup come fill v urine because that testing.

Here’s the difference, unequal employment UA, wherein the specimen is sent off for testing. The MEPS facility is the lab.

Once girlfriend hand over her specimen, the screening begins. The technician will have actually made a grasp of checks prior to they have also put the cup down. For example, the temperature strip is inspect as soon as you hand it off. A pH dipstick is dunked in, Creatine levels are tested then the sample is sealed and sent for GC/MS.

For employed the GC/MS is usually done if early stage screening shows traces of medicine metabolites. MEPS UA drug tests are performed fully, no matter what. Every pee sample gathered at MEPS and screened thoroughly.


Your Recruiter is there to Help

It’s essential to recognize the role of the recruiter. Their main purpose is to bring in recruits, the is also measured together a metric that performance. Use this information to your advantage, the recruiter’s job is to obtain sign-up, the an ext new recruits that enter, the much better they do.

They not only want you to sign up, they desire you to be successful at every the MEPS. This includes your drug screening.

Heads Up: be honest and upfront from the start with her recruiter

Two Terms that You need to Understand

Experimental UsePDQ – Permanently Disqualified

First, what is “ Experimental Use” ? As identified by the military, “Experimentally use” method that y have actually dabbled with any kind of drug much less than 3 times.

PDQ, is a term used for an separation, personal, instance that has been marked as un-recruit-able. Basically, blacklisted for every little thing reason.

WARNING! : This is a fine line that should be respected during any type of communication v your recruiter, no matter how an excellent of a connection you have actually developed. If in ~ any allude you do a comment, even in confidence through your recruiter the deems friend PDQ, the recruiters hands are tied!. The recruiter cannot knowingly permit a possible PDQ recruited advance!

So, what provides you a PDQ? there are plenty of things that can deem you PDQ. In this context anyone that has used drugs an ext than what’s defined as “Experimental Use”. Basically, if you think that you might possibly fail the UA test, that OK to ask because that advice if you have only experimented.

If you have actually a background of use, example much more than 3x, it need to not be discussed unless specifically asked. Also then, less is more. The recruiter might decide you require time come detox and also ask you come come earlier at a later on time or decision to check you. In ~ that suggest they may also support you through detoxing. Helping you do the appropriate decision.

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The “Honest” partnership you build with her recruiter is not possible with any type of other MEPS officials.

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