I recognize it sounds funny, but how on earth Shanks stopped Kaido come enter and follow Whitebeard ~ above Marineford war?



All us really know around Shanks and also Kaido"s skirmish is in this 2 Panels.

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Anything said other than the details is merely speculation. Yet it is not totally unfounded.

Looking at the second panel, Shanks shows up at Marineford simply a day after his skirmish, v his crew and also ship reflecting no indications of damages or a fight. Considering, what taken place to Marineford when Yonko Whitebeard combated we have the right to safely assume that every little thing fight, if the took ar was likely really minor. More plausible is, Shanks merely being there "stopped" Kaido. Consider the complying with scenario.

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The fight in between Whitebeard and World federal government threatened come disrupt the balance between the Yonko. Kaido make the efforts to usage this opportunately to preemptively strike at his foe while that is distracted. No Whitebeard no one WG can afford battle on two fronts. Whitebeard couldn"t garbage time and resources to thwart Kaido while WG didn"t engage Rayleigh (Kizaru stated something like perform you want to struggle 2 legends iirc)

Thus Shanks gift a other Yonko just simply appeared there and also stopped Kaido. Kaido doesn"t want to fight various other Yonko"s head on either. The balance exists due to the fact that they space all same matched. For this reason the scuffle between Shanks and Kaido was likely very minor. Seeing the Kaido will certainly not enable him to attack Whitebeard, Kaido retreated while Shanks adhered to Whitebeard to Marineford.

An amazing parallel to real world, Is Indo-Pak war in 1971. Native WIkipedia: Task force 74

The united state Task pressure 74 was a us Navy task pressure of the United states Seventh Fleet that was deployed come the just of Bengal by Nixon management in December 1971, at the height of the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War. Led through the plane carrier USS Enterprise, the deployment of the task pressure was seen as a display of force by USA in support of the beleaguered West Pakistani forces. <..> To respond to this, top top 6 and 13 December 1971, the Soviet marine dispatched two groups of cruisers and destroyers and a submarine equipped with atom missiles native Vladivostok; they trailed us Task pressure 74 into the Indian s from 18 December 1971 till 7 January 1972. The Soviets also had a nuclear submarine to assist ward turn off the danger posed through USS companies task force in the Indian s

Thus there is no fighting, both US and also USSR efficiently negated every other"s influence on the war. Because that a more detailed account: 1971 War: how Russia sank Nixon’s gunboat diplomacy