Criminal Minds: exactly how Paget Brewster’s Emily Prentiss Died, Left & Took over the show Emily Prentiss came to be one the the many beloved and long-term Criminal Minds actors members, in spite of her so late start and also rocky therapy by the studio.

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Criminal psychic Prentiss Kneeling
Criminal Minds suffered from notorious actors turnover, start in Season 2 through the departure of the major protagonist Jason Gideon, carried to life by Mandy Patinkin, and the subsequent loss of Lola Glaudini"s Elle Greenaway. In spite of a substantial amount of fan support and a 15-season run, main characters came and went at an alarming rate on the CBS procedural. However, one of the most interesting cases of character change is Paget Brewster"s Emily Prentiss.

Prentiss wasn"t an original member of Criminal Minds" Behavioral analysis Unit, but instead debuted in the 9th episode that Season 2. After a few years together a main character, Prentiss died, revived, left, visited, returned and eventually took end the team. The wild ride for Brewster and also her character features an individual choice, studio penny-pinching and a dose of misogyny.

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Who was Emily Prentiss Criminal Minds?

Criminal minds Prentiss Flashlight
Emily Prentiss was a son of diplomats who grew up in cities across Europe and the middle East, following the assignments of she mother, a U.S. Ambassador. Due to the fact that of her upbringing, Prentiss to be fluent in lot of languages, consisting of Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian and also Greek, all of which pat a function in various episodes together she translates for witnesses, suspects and the BAU.

While Prentiss" backstory ended up being a significant plotline in later seasons, her an individual life was left somewhat to speculation. The personality was originally written as lesbian, i m sorry both Brewster and the composing team to be enthusiastic around before CBS forced a heteronormative re-write. She likewise famously has actually a cat called Sergio.

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Prentiss" early stage Arrival and also Departure ~ above Criminal Minds

Criminal mental Prentiss JJ
Prentiss joined the BAU in the middle of Season 2, with the resignation of agent Elle Greenaway complying with her vigilantism. Through Greenaway"s departure, the BAU had no women field agents, and relied upon interactions liaison Jennifer Jareau and also technical analyst Penelope Garcia as the just female team members. Prentiss" arrival to be a step in the appropriate direction because that women"s representation on the team.

But Prentiss wasn"t initially welcomed by every team members. Back she got orders to sign up with the BAU, then-director Aaron Hotchner didn"t expropriate Prentiss. Together a result, she had to prove her profiling competence and join on a probationary communication while slowly earning the trust of various other BAU agents.

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Despite Prentiss quickly becoming a fan-favorite character, Brewster was asked to proceed in a decreased capacity for Season 6. The in-story factor was Prentiss" Interpol past recording up to her as soon as escaped worldwide arms dealer Ian Doyle tracked her under to uncover his son. During her succeeding kidnapping and torture, Doyle stabs Prentiss v a broken table leg, a wound which most of the BAU believe leads to her death.

Prentiss" drama-heavy send-off masking a murkier, behind-the-seasons reason. A.J. Cook"s Jennifer Jareau had currently been written off the show to save money, and the palliation of Prentiss" function was a additional cost-saving measure. The suspicion in Prentiss" future on Criminal Minds led Brewster to think about other acting possibilities, consisting of filming a pilot for an additional show. The an outcome was CBS functioning to remove two women cast members under the guise of to reduce costs.

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Prentiss" Resurrection and Interpol top top Criminal Minds

Criminal mental Prentiss Hotchner
despite the death of her character, her pursuit of other opportunities, and what she called the "scummy" behavior of the network in creating off the ladies characters, Brewster reverted to Criminal Minds in the seventh season. Fans to be livid in ~ the loss of both J.J. And Prentiss, leading the network to activate a i in Brewster"s contract the would require her to return. While dissatisfied with exactly how CBS tackled the situation, Brewster still appreciated the pan support and her Criminal Minds community.

Brewster"s instant return expected the show"s writers had to quickly resurrect her character. While audiences learned that Prentiss survived her stabbing and was top top the run in Paris in ~ the finish of her final episode in Season 6, "Lauren," the BAU team had to readjust to the news that her survival in the Season 7 premiere, "It take away a Village," resulting in some drama in certain with permanent agent Reid.

However, after she resurrection, neither Prentiss no one Brewster felt the same about their work. After being refused the provision come audition for a pilot season, and also with the final year increase on her contract, Brewster decided to battered Criminal Minds with the Season 7 finale. Onscreen, Prentiss was offered a place with Interpol in London, making her departure from the BAU official.

Brewster made 2 guest appearances ~ above Criminal Minds between seasons 7 and also 11. The milestone 200th illustration in Season 9 lugged the head that Interpol, Prentiss, ago to aid recover the kidnapped certified dealer Jareau, if longtime BAU member Derek Morgan"s final episode in Season 11 saw Prentiss return to say she goodbye. Except those 2 episodes, Brewster continued to be from the show for five whole years.

But no Brewster no one Prentiss might stay far forever, however. Once star cutting board Gibson to be fired indigenous the display in Season 12, that left the BAU Unit without a director, Aaron Hotchner. Once again, Brewster to be brought earlier not only to reprise she character but likewise to act as the new unit chief. Native the middle of Season 12 until the show"s 15th and also final season, Prentiss stayed as head that the BAU.

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Brewster"s tenure on Criminal Minds to be anything however consistent, v a mid-series start, a death and also multiple departures. However it"s a testimony to her skills as one actor and also the architecture of her character that fans have been on board the whole time, constantly eager because that the reappearance the Emily Prentiss.

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