L>snucongo.org -The Civil rights MovementThe Civil civil liberties MovementRelated storiesRelated sitesThe civil legal rights struggle in modern-day times1954 -- U.S. Can be fried Court declares college segregation unconstitutional in Brown v. Plank of education and learning of Topeka ruling.1955 -- Rosa Parks refuses to move to the ago of a Montgomery, Alabama, bus as required by city ordinance; boycott follows and bus segregation ordinance is asserted unconstitutional.Federal Interstate commerce Commission bans distinction on federal government trains and buses.1956 -- Coalition of southerly congressmen calls for substantial resistance to can be fried Court desegregation rulings.1957 -- Arkansas Gov. Orval Rubus uses nationwide Guard to block nine black color students indigenous attending a small Rock High School; complying with a court order, president Eisenhower sends out in federal troops to ensure compliance.1960 -- four black college students start sit-ins in ~ lunch counter of a Greensboro, north Carolina, restaurant wherein black patrons room not served.Congress approves a watered-down voting rights act after a filibuster by southerly senators.1961 -- flexibility Rides start from Washington, D.C., into Southern states.1962 -- president Kennedy sends federal troops to the college of Mississippi come quell riots so that James Meredith, the school"s first black student, can attend.The can be fried Court rules that segregation is unconstitutional in all transport facilities.The department of Defense orders complete integration of army reserve units, the national Guard excluded.1963 -- Civil rights leader Medgar Evers is eliminated by a sniper"s bullet.Race riots prompt modified martial regulation in Cambridge, Maryland.Dr. Boy name Luther King Jr. It is intended "I have actually a Dream" decided to thousands of thousands at the in march on Washington.Church battle in Birmingham, Alabama, leaves 4 young black color girls dead.1964 -- Congress overcome Civil legal rights Act advertising discrimination based on race illegal after 75-day long filibuster.Three civil legal rights workers disappear in Mississippi ~ being quit for speeding; found buried six weeks later.Riots in Harlem, Philadelphia.1965 -- March from Selma come Montgomery, Alabama, to demand protection because that voting rights; two civil rights workers slain previously in the year in Selma.Malcolm X assassinated.Riot in Watts, Los Angeles.New voting rights act signed.1966 -- Edward Brooke, R-Massachusetts, elected first black U.S. Councilor in 85 years.1967 -- Riots in Detroit, Newark, new Jersey.Thurgood Marshall first black come be called to the supreme Court.Carl Stokes (Cleveland) and also Richard G. Hatcher (Gary, Indiana) elected first black mayors of major U.S. Cities.1968 -- martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee; James Earl Ray later convicted and sentenced to 99 years in prison.Poor People"s march on Washington -- plan by King before his death -- walk on.1973 -- Maynard Jackson (Atlanta), an initial black elected mayor that a significant Southern U.S. City.1975 --Voting civil liberties Act extended.1978 -- can be fried Court rules that medical school admission programs that collection aside positions based upon race are unconstitutional (Bakke decision).1979 -- Shoot-out in Greensboro, north Carolina, leaves 5 anti-Klan protesters dead; 12 Klansmen charged through murder.1983 -- martin Luther King Jr. Federal holiday established.1988 -- congress passes civil Rights restoration Act end President Reagan"s veto.1989 -- army Gen. Colin Powell becomes very first black to offer as chairman the the share Chiefs that Staff.1989 -- L. Douglas Wilder (Virginia) becomes first black chosen governor.1990 -- President shrub vetoes a civil civil liberties bill he states would i have loaded quotas because that employers; weaker invoice passes muster in 1991.1991 -- Civil legal rights museum opens at King assassination site in Memphis.1994 -- Byron De La Beckwith judge of 1963 Medgar Evers assassination.1995 -- can be fried Court rules that commonwealth programs that use race as a categorical group must have actually "compelling federal government interest" to carry out so.1996 -- supreme Court rules consideration of race in creating congressional districts is unconstitutional.Early civil civil liberties effortsThe background of the polite rights activity in the United states actually begins with the early efforts that the fledgling democracy.1783 -- Massachusetts outlaws enslavement within the borders.1808 -- importation of slaves banned; illegal servant trade continues.1820 -- Eighty-six free blacks sail come Sierra Leone, a British colony in Africa -- first immigration of blacks indigenous U.S. To Africa.Missouri Compromise allows slavery in Missouri, however not elsewhere west the the Mississippi and also north the Missouri"s southern border; repealed in 18541831 -- Nat Turner leads slave rebellion in Virginia; 57 whites killed; U.S. Troops kill 100 slaves; Turner caught, tried and hanged.1833 -- Oberlin College, very first U.S. College to take on co-education, is an initial to refuse come ban black students.1850 -- deteriorate of 1850 admits California right into the union without slavery, strengthens Fugitive slave Laws, and also ends servant trade in Washington, D.C.1857 -- Dred Scott can be fried Court decision rules the slaves perform not become cost-free when taken right into a totally free state, the Congress can not bar slavery from a territory, and that blacks cannot end up being citizens.1861 -- Confederate says of America formed; Civil war begins.1863 -- president Lincoln problems Emancipation Proclamation releasing "all servants in locations still in rebellion."1865 -- Civil battle ends.13th Amendment, abolishing slavery, added to the Constitution.1866 -- Ku Klux Klan developed in secrecy; disbands 1869-71; renewal in 1915.Congress takes over Reconstruction.1867 -- series of actions aimed at suffrage, various other redresses for previous slaves passed over President Andrew Johnson"s vetoes.1868 -- 14th amendment conferring citizenship added to Constitution.1870 -- 15th amendment barring racial discrimination in voting included to Constitution.1875 -- Congress overcome civil civil liberties act granted equal rights in windy accommodations and jury duty.1877 -- Henry O. Flipper becomes first black graduate of U.S.

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Military Academy in ~ West Point.1883 -- supreme Court invalidates 1875 Civil rights Act, saying that the federal government cannot bar discrimination by enterprise or individuals.1896 -- supreme Court authorize "separate however equal" segregation doctrine.1906 -- race riots in Atlanta; 21 dead, city under martial law.1909 -- nationwide Congress ~ above the black convenes, leading to starting of the national Association because that the development of fancy People.1923 -- Oklahoma put under martial law because of Ku Klux Klan activities.1925 -- Ku Klux Klan marches top top Washington.1943 -- War builders barred from racial discrimination.Riots in Harlem, Detroit.1948 -- chairman Truman issues executive bespeak outlawing distinction in U.S. Military.1952 -- Racial, ethnic barriers to naturalization eliminated by Immigration and Naturalization Act.Rosa Parks amongst 11 to get Presidential Medal the FreedomCivil rights leaders note 40th anniversary of bus boycottA virtual tour the the heart of the civil civil liberties movement"Ghosts" sheds irradiate on living historyNational Civil rights MuseumBirmingham Civil rights InstituteNAACPTimeline that the American civil Rights activity (Western Michigan University)© 1997 Cable News Network, Inc.All civil liberties Reserved.Terms under i m sorry this business is detailed to you.