Unfortunately, the Lemon Jollies space now exceptionally hard to find. The manufacturer has dramatically decreased the number of Lemon in each assortment, and there room shortages through the assorted bags the contain the Lemon. For this reason it"s taking much, much much longer to fill the orders. Say thanks to you because that being patient, and know that we space trying to ship them as fast as possible. And also they space brand new and fresh! :) many thanks again! snucongo.org

Get a complete of over 80 Lemon Jolly Ranchers and also only the Lemon flavor. Jolly Rancher has actually just released their latest flavor, the Lemon Jolly Ranchers! These are brand brand-new for us, yet many human being say the they provided to be around when they to be a kid! Looks like Jolly Rancher is bringing ago a favorite! If girlfriend love Lemon, climate you"re going to love the sturdy taste of the Lemon Jolly Ranchers.Now girlfriend don"t have to sort through every one of the various other flavors in bespeak to gain the ones the you want. They are all personal sorted and also so girlfriend only acquire the ones the you really want, the Lemon Jolly Ranchers! They space packed in a clear, warmth sealed bag because that freshness.

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*** Disclaimer - Please read ***

This is an really product from the Hershey® company. snucongo.org is a 3rd party reseller, which way we buy actual Jolly Rancher® candies, kind them right into your favorite flavors, and then seal castle in clear, heat sealed bags. Her Jolly Rancher® candies will certainly arrive in snucongo.org packaging. Say thanks to you!



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Lemon Love

posted by Paula top top 22nd Mar 2021

TYVM. Love these and also glad come have uncovered a source. Will certainly visit again.

So dazzling to still discover lemon jollies.

posted by Andrew ~ above 27th jan 2021

Great quality and also packaging. Repeat customer for sure. Give thanks to you.

Lemon Jollys

posted by Dante on third Jan 2021

My kid loves these. Glad i was able to find them. Will certainly be ordering again.

favorite jolly ranchers

posted by Kristen top top 16th Aug 2020

I was always mad that the lemon ones acquired replaced through the blue raspberry persons in the keep bought packages. So i googled if I can just buy lemon and here us are! i love lemon and also am for this reason glad the these guys go through the trouble of picking the end individual spices for your customers.

ideal lemon candy bar none.

post by Unknown on 16th Jul 2020

If you like really tart lemon candy, this is the best. The is far far better than Sweet Tarts, Warheads and also other lemon autumn (and ns love all of those).

love the nostalgic candies!

posted by Jude on 16th Jul 2020

Haven’t found, or had any kind of lemon jolly ranchers si che the 90’s, and also these to be great!!!


posted by Unknown on 19th Jun 2020

Lemon Jolly Rancher

posted by Carolyn P. On 13th Jun 2020

I had actually been having a tough time trying to uncover these lemon candies, jolly ranchers. I have loved these candies because that years and was glad to have found them on this site.

simply as advertised

posted by Unknown ~ above 11th Jun 2020

Got exactly what ns wanted and in good condition.

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Lemon Jolly Ranchers

posted by Tobbie on 21st january 2020

I obtained my Lemon Lemon Jolly Ranchers In 10 days. I counted lock they were the number i paid for. But I see currently That the price has went up NOT good .

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