Maria Molina is a meteorologist and a study scientist at NCAR. Photograph Source: Maria Molina's Instagram.

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Maria Molina is one avid meteorologist and weather reporter. The American meteorologist is right now working together a job scientist in ~ the National facility for Atmospheric research (NCAR) Climate and global Dynamics. She is additionally a member that the American Meteorological culture (AMS).

Molina is a beautiful lady that has likewise been the on-air meteorologist for the Fox News Channel indigenous 2010 to 2016. A many of human being admired her TV apperance in weather journalism. The 5-foot Hispanic meteorologist has an interesting story. Let"s look at Maria Molina"s biography. 

Early Life

Maria Molina to be born Maria Janeth Molina on April 7, 1987, in Nicaragua. She relocated to the United says with her parents in ~ a young age, where she was elevated in ft Lauderdale, South Florida. The is additionally reported the Maria has a younger brother, yet lack of information has actually kept she brother and her parents a mystery.

Maria Molina talking about her childhood dream to she colleagues top top Fox & Friends. Picture Source: society Media.

At the period of 5, Molina skilled a group 5 Hurricane Andrew, i m sorry hit her hometown in south Florida. After the storm, she told her parents the she want to it is in a meteorologist that would forecast dangerous weather to the public. Following her dream, she took appropriate courses for her education in several of America"s best-known universities. 


Maria"s ambitions do her seek a Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology and minors in mathematics and communications in ~ Florida State University, where she graduated cum laude in 2008. While at the university, she likewise completed the college Honors Program and also the Honors in the significant Program.

After that, she enrolled in Columbia University, new York, in 2012 for her Master"s degree. She properly graduated with a masters of Arts degree in Climate and culture in 2015 and collection her eyes for a doctorate level. 

Maria Molina graduated v a PhD level from central Michigan university in 2019. Photo Source: Maria Molina's Instagram.

In 2016, Maria had to leave Fox Channel for her Ph.D. degree. She earned her Ph.D. In the Earth and Ecosystem science from main Michigan college in 2019. She also holds the location of graduate research assistant at the CMU.


Along with accomplishing together heights in she education, Molina has likewise built an outstanding career in meteorology. She earn the Certified transfer Meteorologist (CBM) license from the American Meteorological culture (AMS).

Before being a expert meteorologist, Molina to be a science teacher. She provided to teach earth and space Science in phibìc Broward Academy that Excellence in fort Lauderdale because that 7th-grade students. After ~ a year in the to teach profession, she began her meteorology journey. 

Molina worked as a bilingual TV meteorologist because that AccuWeather in State College, Pennsylvania, whereby she detailed weather forecast in English and Spanish. She likewise did internships at local cable stations and has operated with WTV-TV, WSC-TV, and also AVY-TV. 

Maria Molina covering up she TV meteorology job in Fox News through her last appearance top top September, 2016. Photo Source: social Media.

In October 2010, Molina was appointed to job-related for Fox News Channel. Her on-air national weather forecast in the channel to be immensely applauded by she colleagues and also people in the country. She also appeared ~ above the Fox & friends morning show, Fox organization Network, Fox sporting activities Networks, Fox News Radio, and Fox News Latino. Her last appearance top top Fox News Channel to be broadcasted on September 6, 2016. She left the channel to go after her Ph.D. In Michigan. 

While pursuing her doctoral level at main Michigan University, she offered as a part-time weather forecaster in ~ WJBK Fox2 in the south-east Michigan region.

After completing her research study experience in Frontier breakthrough Lab and progressed Study routine (ASP) Postdoctoral Fellowship, Molina to be appointed as the permanent "Project Scientist I" in the Climate and global Dynamics laboratory (CGD) in ~ NCAR in august 2020. 

Maria Molina net Worth

Maria was connected in weather broadcasting for over 7 years. With more than six years in among the considered US television networks, Fox News Channel, she could have earned huge salaries and also bonuses for her work.

Journalism deserve to be a fruitful job and also even more beneficial as soon as it pertains to TV weather forecasting. According to Chron, a meteorologist"s average salary working in broadcast television is around $88,850 per year. Molina gift a prolific TV meteorologist herself, we can guess that her salary could be roughly the given number. Without any type of official confirmation, she actual revenue are quiet a mystery. 

As because that Maria Molina"s network worth, plenty of sites have declared that she has a net worth of countless dollars. However again, without any official confirmation from trusted sources, we cannot specify she net worth in numbers. However, going v her Instagram, we deserve to see that she is living a pretty decent life. The looks choose she spends she money traveling beautiful places in America. 

Maria Molina Relationship

Maria Molina is a gorgeous woman. Human being following Fox News need to be well aware of she stunning illustration and charming personality. So, that is the lucky man to organize her hand? 

Maria Molina"s married life is no mystery to her fans. She began dating other meteorologist and also professional storm chaser Reed Timmer before your engagement top top October 6, 2014. The pair finally got hitched in December 2015. Reports insurance claim that they to be in love long prior to their wedding. So, exactly how did the two meteorologists marry? To understand the answer, we have to ask the guest attending the wedding ceremony, i beg your pardon was organized at Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua.

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Yes, the pair exchanged vows at the optimal of an energetic volcano. The breathtaking ceremony was completed with classic songs and also fireworks if Maria Molina"s husband Timmer was viewed enjoying the view. 

The pair"s married life continued for three years prior to ending in divorce in 2018. The duo chose separate courses in their life, and both room currently single and happy since then. 

Trivia and also Facts

Maria Molina currently resides in Boulder, Colorado, through her dog, Cumulus.She was the captain of her majorette club.She to visit baseball games in southern Floria v her father. She loves skiing and traveling.She has actually 15.3k pendant on Instagram.

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