Hi this is going to sound really stupid. Ns took a staple the end of a booklet today and got distracted and put it in an empty glass. Later i had actually water native the glass and remembered over there should have been an open up staple come dispose of!!! i don"t know if i have actually swallowed that or not, ns not certain i would certainly feel it go down. I"m 10 mainly pregnant therefore dont desire an x-ray, is it likely to do damage if ns wait and see? im a little worried!

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You should be fine, its no sharp enough to do any type of damage, it have to come out the other end in a couple of hours. My four year old daughter swallowed a 3inch long screw a couple of months ago, we went for xrays but it to be fine and also came out on its own within two days.Try eating some soft foods to make her bowel movements soft and also it must reappear soon, clearly if you have actually tummy pains or pains anywhere else ie neck ect then call nhs direct. In reality you could call nhs direct anyway simply to asking them.

Thanks Lara, v a baby on board ns seem to have actually lost my brain cells already. I honestly cant remember if i threw it away prior to refilling the glass as was ~ above auto pilot! I could just see how i feeling tomorrow- its been washed down with a sandwich and banana so expect it will certainly be ok. Ns think NHS will certainly tell me to sieve my poop and seeing as i cant even open my refrigerator at the mo without retching they have no chance!!!


When my three year old ate a penny I offered him milk come drink, don"t understand why I believed to provide him milk but the hospital claimed it was the appropriate thing to execute as its density moves the penny through faster.
Hello MichelleThanks for your questionCongratulations on your pregnancyYou room unsure whether you swollowed the clip or not, so I evaluate your anxietyThe clip if very small so if you have swollowed it, climate it must pass v with easeIf but you experience and also discomfort or pains i would certainly ring her GP or your regional A&E department for their ongoing supportI expect this helps
Well I have felt perfect normal this day so a bit much less worried. Will remain vigilant as i think if it is in over there its still working its way through. Doesnt assist my stress much! thanks for the assist and best wishes everyone. X
You must be fine, its not sharp enough to do any damage, it need to come the end the other end in a few hours. My 4 year old daughter swallowed a 3inch lengthy screw a couple of months ago, we went because that xrays yet it was fine and also came out on its very own within two days.Try eating some soft foods to make her bowel activities soft and also it have to reappear soon, clear if you have actually tummy ache or pains anywhere else ie throat ect then contact nhs direct. In fact you could contact nhs straight anyway simply to ask them.
HiMy DS once managed to sloop down a paper fastener when he was around 6We took him come a and also e, yet they werent that concerned, didnt execute xrays or anything, they simply said to keep an eye on the other finish for it!xx

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I haven"t sought it the other end, morning sickness no allow! ns don"t have any kind of pain and also am still going frequently so hopefully it will certainly be a no event. I can"t think how many mind cells i have lost already and us aren"t even out that the very first trimester!!!!