My ceo inadvertently drank a moldy beverage in the middle of the night after choose up the not correct cup. A beverage of part sort, perhaps coffee or Coca-cola sat while she was the end of town for 4-5 weeks and in the dark, she inadvertently picked it up and also drank it. She said that she most likely drank 2 tablespoons of mold. This was 3 days earlier & she has actually a very upset stomach. Will certainly the mold pass with her system, making her sick and also go away or will she have lingering problems? She"s afraid that she will have mold spores left that will certainly somehow assault her system.Thanks so much for your help! Dr.M.Aroon kamath - Tue Dec 15, 2009 8:25 am

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Hi,Fungi room ubiquitous. In fact, us live amongst a variety of fungi.Fungi might be classified broadly into - Yeasts (mainly present as solitary cells) and- Molds (fungi that space spore-forming).Most molds are simply harmless fungi, including most black molds, i m sorry are frequently mistakenly referred to as as "toxic".Toxic molds room a form of molds that produce hazardous substances,called mycotoxins. Mycotoxicoses are illness caused by mycotoxins.One black color mold called Stachybotrys chartum (was alleged to cause serious breathing and bleeding problems) had been the focus of panic. However, the instance remained unproven.Although they occur more frequently in locations with a hot and humid climate, favorable for the expansion of molds, they can also be discovered in temperate zones.

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Exposure to mycotoxins is largely by ingestion, but likewise occurs by the dermal and also inhalation routes. The respiratory path produces much more severe responses than the cradle route.Mycotoxins are herbal contaminants that food and their complete elimination is probably impossible.Growth of this molds counts on a number of factors.- problems that retard bacterial development favour fungal development (refrigeration which retards bacter growth, favours fungal growth).- high "water activity" is is usual (need for humidity).- "growth optimal" temperature is needed.- optimal pH 4-6.If we go by the statistics odds, your boss is i can not qualify to be adversely influenced by swallowing the "mouldy" drink.Best of luck!
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