The Omni ft Worth Hotel did the up huge when the Pittsburgh Steelers pertained to stay because that the supervisor Bowl... <+> in 2011. Normally, it would be as if the team wasn"t also there. (Photo: Omni ft Worth)

Success in the national Football league requires drive, dedication, professionalism and also special teams. You might say the same for many hotels that organize NFL teams when they"re ~ above the road, which need all that and also more: the ideal facilities, cooking skill, security, reliability and also the capability to roll through the occasional oddball request.

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I spoke through hotels approximately the nation which have proven they’ve got what that takes to host NFL groups year after ~ year. Here"s what they told me matters most.

Track Record: for football teams, "This is a company trip, and also everything done is regimented and professional," claims Jay Schumerth, general manager the the Radisson file Valley Hotel in Appleton, Wis. Since opening in 1989, it has actually hosted 31 that the 32 NFL teams (exception: the home team green Bay Packers that presumably don"t require it) and earned the NFL travel managers" MVP (Most valuable Property) award.

Most hotels ns spoke with host four to 6 visiting groups each year. Each visit is another chance come prove the hotel"s skills (the consistent season is 13 games, add to pre- and also post-season games).

What do teams worth most? A trouble-free stay, "to not have any distractions andstay focused for video game day," claims Luz Chatman, director of sales and marketing because that the Sofitel san Francisco Bay, which hosts teams playing the mountain Francisco 49ers. Due to the fact that any tiny mishap deserve to have ripple effects, hotels account because that details indigenous airport come to check-in, team meetings to meals, lights-out to wake up calls. See the image listed below for a schedule.

Food: "This is huge," states Steve Conklin, director of sales and also marketing in ~ the JW Marriott Chicago, and not simply the amounts consumed (especially in ~ dinner prior to game day).

Menus and mealtimes room a huge deal, and also individualized for each team. "Teams like consistency throughout the board," says Whitley Donsereaux, marketing manager at the Hyatt Regency brand-new Orleans, an interpretation that players room not most likely to be experimenting with gumbo in the big Easy one weekend and also a clambake in Boston on another. "They prefer to store the same food selection in every city."

One recent change: "About two years ago," Conklin says, "all the groups revamped your menus with much more focus on nutrition. A pair of teams now have asked us to placed calorie counts and how many carbs per serving ~ above the brand on the buffet."

Security: provided all the potential results when players mingle v the public, organize hotels designate personal floors, different entrances, key-card-controlled elevators, even whole wings because that teams, every with dedicated security staff. The Radisson paper Valley"s Schumerth claims that his hotel"s protection directors are regulation enforcement veterans. "They deserve to handle anything that comes their way."

In this age of social media, it"s not simply physical defense that matters, however information too. The Hyatt Regency new Orleans, because that example, has a zero yongin confidentiality policy for staff. Questioning for signatures, acquisition pictures, posting on society media, also telling the family members who’s remaining at the hotel can obtain an employee fired. "It has to be as if the team’s not even staying here," claims Donsereaux.

tiny time is left unaccounted because that in this common game weekend itinerary in ~ the JW Marriott... <+> Chicago. (Image courtesy the JW Marriott Chicago)

Unconventional supplies for conference and meeting rooms: It would be hard to imagine, say, the American dental Association convention running practice plays in a hotel conference room, not to mention team meetings, cultivate exercises, stretching and massage. Yet often that"s simply what happens when football teams concerned stay.

Other conference rooms are converted right into temporary chapels with services led by local clergy. Some teams request many chapels because that multiple denominations.

Deluxe guest rooms: no so much, actually. "The coach, general manager and also owner are only the people who get a suite," says Conklin, and often team staff rooms are on a different floor indigenous players" rooms. Otherwise, football player themselves are frequently put increase in rooms similar to any kind of ordinary guest"s together as, oh, girlfriend or me. And also we have it an excellent compared to part players. "Rookies may double up," he says.

And what around the hotel"s an elaborate bathrooms with huge tubs or whirlpools, come soak away aches and pains? Actually, Conklin claims that groups request rooms v shower stalls rather than the hotel"s an ext luxe bath fixtures. "Because a the majority of the men are large or may have actually injuries, stepping into a bathtub can it is in an issue. The a million dollar asset they have in a player, and also teams desire to keep them as safe together possible." If players need a whirlpool or heavy steam room, the says, there"s constantly the hotel fitness center and also spa.

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Flexibility: "Teams are below for a goal, and also that is to success their game," says Andrew Casperson, basic manager the the Omni fort Worth. "We yes, really emphasize come employees just how to take care of whatever per the team"s requests."

Sometimes those requests space unconventional: particular foods at specific times, or a wake up call at an unusual hour (say 7:18am), for example. "NFL teams are really superstitious, for this reason they stick come what works as soon as they have a win," states Luz Chatman that the Sofitel san Francisco Bay.

Overall, though, these requests don"t come anywhere close come the prima donna call some pro athletes have. Plenty of hoteliers echoed the sentiment of the Hyatt Regency brand-new Orleans" Donsereaux: "Players and coaches don"t request any kind of special treatment and also are really friendly and an extremely grateful come our staff."

Ultimately, states Casperson, occasionally the best way to offer players is to provide them an are for quiet time. And also when you think about it, don"t us all desire the luxury of that little bit of under time that only a hotel have the right to offer, prior to heading ago out right into our own high pressure worlds?


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