As much as US coins are concerned, tright here are few more identifiable than the Lincoln penny. Having been developed for more than 100 years, it is among the a lot of common coins discovered. For collectors, older versions of the Lincoln penny are highly sought after, and the 1948 Lincoln is among those coins.

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On the obverse side of the 1948 Lincoln you will find the detailed picture of Abraham Lincoln in the center. To the appropriate of the main picture you will alert a elevated engraving marking the 1948 year of minting. Opposite the day marking is a increased engraving which reads “Liberty.” Finally, the phrase “In God We Trust” is viewed arching overoptimal.

On the coin’s reverse you will certainly notification 2 engravings in the facility. One of the engravings reads “USA of America” and the various other marks the “One Cent” challenge worth. On the left and also ideal external edges of the coin exist two stalks of wwarmth, which provide the coin its “Wheat Penny” nickname. Finally, the Latin phrase “E Pluribus Unum” arcs overheight.

Grading the 1948 Lincoln Penny

For collectors, the problem of the 1948 Lincoln penny suggests everything. As an outcome, you will alert that collectors only want to obtain their hands on those pieces that have been professionally graded. Below exists an outline which touches on the various grades and also explains what these grades expect for the Lincoln penny’s appearance.

Uncirculated: An Uncirculated coin is one that, from the moment it was minted, was put into safemaintaining. Due to the fact that they never before invested any time on the open up industry, these pieces will certainly be cost-free from flegislations. Though their color could have faded due to age, the physical qualities of the coin are perfect.

Extremely Fine: Extremely Fine Lincoln pennies could look perfect to the naked eye, yet the grading procedure will disclose a fregulation or two. These coins were most likely never before circulated, but somewbelow along the means will have actually accrued a little of damage.

Fine: A coin that is figured out to be of Fine grade is one that was probably circulated, however likely not for a really extfinished period of time. As a result of this circulation, you will notification some light scratching and various other minor flaws, however the coin will certainly be in greatly excellent problem.

Good: Finally, there is Good. Good is the grade offered to the coins that have been exceptionally heavily damaged because of years of circulation. From heavy scratching to the smoothing amethod of some of the increased imagery, these coins will certainly have certainly checked out their better days.

Pricing the 1948 Lincoln Penny

When it pertains to the value of the 1948 Lincoln penny, this is somepoint that depends upon the problem it is in and also the form of coin it is. Due to the fact that tright here were up to 3 various kinds of Lincoln pennies developed annually, the value will certainly depfinish not just on its condition, but likewise its form. Below is a chart that will aid you understand also the values of various Lincoln pennies from 1948.

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Lincoln Pennies

1948 Lincoln PennyN/AN/A$0.20$0.35
1948 Lincoln Penny (D)N/AN/A$0.20$0.35
1948 Lincoln Penny (S)N/AN/A$0.20$0.35
Source: Red Book

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