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(NASDAQ: MCGC) said it has closed a USD 14.9m invest in Hammond"s Candies since 1920 II, llc to assistance that firm"s salvation of peanut candy maker Virginia Food Group.

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This is the design Nestle is complying with in the confectionery industry where Chinese regulators have actually this month authorized its $1.7 exchange rate acquisition that a 60 percent stake in the candy maker Hsu Fu Chi International.
The an innovation allows the candy maker to track and trace the source and the majority of the ingredients supplied to do its well-known candies and the customers who that shipped the finished goods.
Innovative candy machine Long Grove Confectionery firm has come up with charming treats for spring and also summer.
Kraft this week additionally publicly disclosed its attempt at another large acquisition, a $16.7 billion bid for Cadbury the the british candy device has so far rebuffed.
The announcements come as candy machine Cadbury PLC began pulling assets made in ~ its Beijing tree from keep shelves throughout Asia ~ finding traces that the commercial chemical melamine in that chocolate.
Back in the 1870s, a candy an equipment by the surname of Anton Busath was developing these treats under the unpresumptuous surname of "The Caramel Biscuit." yet Busath was looking come perfect his version of the confection and it received a re-branding in 1883 once Madame Helen Modjeska, a famous European actress, appeared in the American debut of Thora, very early version of Henrik Ibsen"s controversial A Doll"s home at Macauley"s Theatre in Louisville.
Anyone who"s eaten a classic Hershey"s bar knows how much milky goodness this candy an equipment packs into a little square that chocolate.
The renowned candy maker is recognized the world over for its American-made milk cacao that, when very first introduced, make chocolate--previously an expensive high-end item--affordable for the middle class.
The steep increase in the group net benefit is attributable mainly to sales of share in candy an equipment Tohato Inc., company officials said.
The Ganong household is famous for that is Delecto brand that chocolate, which propelled the agency into being a leading candy maker: here"s a history of the household business and also its specialties, surveying the 2 Canadians who opened up a grocery save and set out to create their very own trademark brand of chocolates, turning their family venture into a world-wide company.

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