Why sell CDs top top Amazon?

Selling CDs ~ above Amazon is a great way to make money on the side every month. Ns would even argue it’s better than selling books most that the time, yet we’ll acquire into the a small later.

In this instance I was able to pick increase a foreign CD on Craigslist right here locally in Los Angeles.Because civilization think CDs are a dying modern technology or castle really need the money or space, they often will try to offload your CD collection in “lots”.

These are periodically referred to together “moving sales” too.

This is my favorite ❤️ type of retail arbitrage because:

Craigslist sellers are motivatedThey often sell every little thing in large lotsMost transaction room in cash and cash is kingI have the right to be targeted in my searches and plan my route out for the day

So I discovered an ad of a local musician