In Tolkien"s world, "Men" (i.e., humans) room one thing and "Elves" are another. However, within the classification of "Men", there room obviously subcategories for each sex (i.e., men and women, or male and female).

Are over there analogous categories for the Elven indistinguishable of men and also women?

None the the possibilities I have come up through are particularly satisfying: Elf-man and also Elf-woman, he-Elf and she-Elf, Elfor and Elfess, etcetera. And also it would be confuse to use "man" and also "woman" for Elves, since "man" refers to a completely different and distinct types (albeit one that can interbreed v Elves).

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asked Jun 22 "15 at 5:05

Wad CheberWad Cheber
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i dont recall particular gender terms, simply elf ladies being described as maidens in a few passages. If appears Tolkien offers that to differentiate in a pair of places.
Jun 22 "15 at 6:16
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From Laws and Customs among the Eldar:

"In all such things not concerned with the bringing forth of children, the neri and also nissi (that is, the men and also women) the the Eldar space equal...there to be less difference in strength and speed in between elven-men and also elven-women that had not borne child than is seen among mortals."

So i"d speak Neri=men, Nissi=women

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Willis MaddenWillis Madden
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(I"m basing this price on a keyword search v my "History that Middle-Earth" pdf)

Luthien was referred to as both an elf-maid and also elf-maiden. Morwen (mother the Turin), although human, had an epithet Eledhwen which supposed "elf-maiden". Galadriel is called the Elf-lady once. Sam"s daughter Elanor was stated to look much more like an elf-maid 보다 a hobbit. The surname of the grave of Finduilas, Haudh-en-Elleth, way "Mound that the Elf-maid", and she herself is referred to as elf-woman once.

In Tolkien"s levish lexicon, Ellon method "elf-man", and Elleth "elf-woman".

Incidentally, in his earler versions of the legendarium, Tolkien supplied the term "men" because that elves and even orcs, in the sense of "persons", "people". Instance from The loss of Gondolin in The publication of lost Tales:

But now the guys of Melko have actually assembled your forces

In that tale, male elves are often dubbed simply "the men".

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answer Jun 22 "15 in ~ 7:58

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I"ve come up through the following:

Elvish Words

In terms of the miscellaneous Elvish languages the Elvish thesaurus provides the adhering to words for the nouns "male" and "female":


"benn" (Noldorin)"hanwa" (Quenya)



"manyel" or "ní" or "nissë" or "wenci" (Quenya)


(Note: the other languages have adjectives for "female", but not nouns which is what the inquiry is focused on)


In regards to what the correct "term" for males and also female Elves, the best I can uncover is "elf-man" (Adanedhel), but that seems to describe a half-Human/half-Elf (thanks come Wad Chener for the pick-up).

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often RightOften appropriate
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Male and Female would work-related nicely

we call pets male and female so its an acceptable form when taking around different species

if there are elven words they would translate into male and also female

EDIT: probably I misunderstood the question

however a very restricted internet search turned increase a translator that appears to be programmed because that tolkien elvish the returns

male= hanwa

and female=inya

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reply Jun 22 "15 in ~ 5:23
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