Definition noun, plural: second consumers any type of organism that consumes or feeds mainly on main consumers, and autotrophs Supplement A food chain is a feeding pecking order showing the various trophic levels. A trophic level is a position in a food chain or an environmental pyramid. The biology grouped right into a trophic level share a usual mode through which they attain nourishment. There space three fundamental ways organisms attain nourishment. Producers or autotrophs room organisms that acquire food from inorganic sources and are qualified of synthesizing their food (through photosynthesis). In the eco-friendly pyramid or a food chain, producers space at the base. Castle are complied with by consumer that achieve nourishment by feeding on essential matter, such as plants and animals. The last team in the food chain or ecological pyramid and also is located on peak level is the decomposers or the detritivores. Consumers space organisms that derive their nutrients largely from an organic issue (e.g. Animals). They are not capable of photosynthesis and also therefore rely on hunting, parasitism, predation, etc. To attain food. In a food chain, consumers might be further grouped into primary consumers, second consumers, and also tertiary consumers. Second consumers room largely consisted of of carnivores the feed top top the main consumers or herbivores. Various other members of this group are omnivores that not just feed on major consumers but likewise on producer or autotrophs. An example is a fox eat rabbit. Synonym(s):

second-level customer


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