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Breanna Yde is one Australian born American young actress who has acquired tremendous success in ~ a short span of time. Today, she is not just a Nickelodeon star but also a famous celebrity through a fan adhering to of end 600K across various social media outlets. Right currently she is gift feted everywhere for her powerful performance together Tomika, the bassist and vocalist, in the Nickelodeon TV series ‘School of Rock’, a remake of the compensation winning 2003 film starring Jack Black. In real life also, Breanna is a an excellent vocalist and also quite a functional instrumentalist being able come play a broad selection of musical instruments, particularly the piano and the guitar. Her work day is rigorous with over eight hours of filming and also three hrs of studying however on but on the weekend you are most likely to uncover her play golf, basketball or tennis. She has actually two dogs.

When the acting pest got she at the age of six, Breanna’s father arranged for her to begin attending acting and also music great at john Robert Powers institution in san Diego in 2009. “She claimed she wanted to act, therefore we just backed it,” says her dad Bill, that is the co-founder of an international Traffic Network, a media firm. We support whatever she’s interested in, therefore she hopefully discovers the point she really likes,” he says. In ~ a couple of months, the Los Angeles-based shore to coast Talent team scooped she up after ~ watching her execute at the global Presentation the Performers in ras Vegas.

She hasn’t looked ago since. Initially, it began with a few commercials adhered to by starring roles in two quick films produced by the SanDiego State University. She there is no been the end of work ever since, landing one task after another. She has actually completed filming for the TV film “Escape from mr Lemoncello’s Library,” which is right now in post-production, while proceeding to film for “School that Rock,” i beg your pardon will enter its third season in 1917. She resume to date is outstanding, v 12 credits together an actor and as herself in films and television series, as well as 13 commercials and a few voice overs and also other projects.

Breanna Yde phone call Number

Breanna Yde call Number, email Address, call No info and much more Details

Breanna Yde Addresses:

House Address:

Breanna Yde, Sydney, Australia

Fanmail Address:

Breanna Yde, major Wave entertain 10850 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 600 Los Angeles, CA 90024-4319 USA

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Breanna Yde call Number:PrivateBreanna Yde Mobile contact Number: NAWhatsApp number of Breanna Yde: NAPersonal call Number: very same as AboveBreanna Yde email ID:

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TikTok Account:Tumblr Details: NAOfficial Website: NASnapchat Profile: NA personal Facts and FiguresBirthday/Birth Date: 11 June 2003Place that Birth: Sydney, AustraliaHusband/BoyFriend:NAChildren: NAAge: 17 years oldOfficial TikTok: NAOccupation: ActressHeight: NAPopular Friends: NA company FactsSalary of Breanna Yde: NANet worth: NAEducation: YesTotal tiktok Fans/Followers: not KnownFacebook Fans: not KnownTwitter Followers: not KnownTotal Instagram Followers: 1.1 million followersTotal YouTube Followers: no Known


Breanna Yde call Address, phone Number, email ID, Website
Phone NumberNA
House deal with (residence address)Sydney, Australia
Official WebsiteNA
Snapchat IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA
Personal No.

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Email AddressNA
Office NumberNA

Some crucial Facts around Breanna Yde :-

Breanna Yde to be born ~ above 11 June 2003.Her period is 17 years old.Birth sign is Gemini.