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Theodor Seuss Geisel used the pen name Dr. Seuss. AP photo

Dr. Seuss"s genuine name to be Theodor Seuss Geisel.

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He had several pen names in enhancement to Dr. Seuss, consisting of L. Pasteur, D.G. Rossetti "25, T. Seuss, and Seuss.

The location "Dr." was simply a moniker, as Seuss self did not have a doctorate. He would eventually, however, earn several honorary doctorates transparent his career.


He to be awarded the star after ~ his death. REED SAXON/AP images

Among the movie stars and television personalities contained on Hollywood"s walk of fame is Dr. Seuss.

The star was awarded posthumously in 2004 and also is located near 6600 Hollywood Blvd.


Dr. Seuss isn't said specifically how it's spelled. man Bryson / Contributor / Getty images

Seuss is no pronounced "Soose" or "Zeus."

Instead, Dr. Seuss and also his familypronounce the name "Soice" (or "Zoice").


"How the Grinch Stole Christmas" is a renowned Dr. Seuss story. global

According come his obituary in the LA Times, the author wrote and also illustrated 47 children"s books prior to his death in 1991. Those publications were likewise translated right into 20 various languages by that time.

His heritage has because published a couple of books posthumously.

Her surname was Chrysanthemum-Pearl. note Kauffman / Contributor / Getty images

Although he and also his first wife were unable to have actually children, Smithsonian magazine and also other sources have reported that Dr. Seuss regularly boasted to friends around the success of the couple"s imagine daughter, Chrysanthemum-Pearl.

Dr. Seuss even devoted "The 500 Hats the Bartholomew Cubbins" come his imaginary daughter and included she on Christmas cards.

His talents were provided in advertising. James L. Amos / Contributor / Getty pictures

Before making it large as one author, Dr. Seuss kicked off his career creating ads because that Flit an insect spray together a student at Dartmouth.

He received the task after making use of Flit as a punchline in among his cartoons v the line, "Quick, Henry, the Flit," which soon became a part of American vernacular.

Dr. Seuss didn't have actually a favorite book. Mario Tama /GettyImages

Audrey Geisel, Dr. Seuss" 2nd wife, when told reading Rockets that the writer didn"t have actually a favourite of his books.

"First of all ... The was favor a father, he liked all his youngsters ... Particularly in the time of your conception," she said.

The personalities resemble the patas monkey. Random home

Dr. Seuss may have written"The Lorax" after see a particular types of monkey ~ above a trip to Kenya.

According to renowned Science, when evolutionary biologist Nathaniel Dominywas researching in Kenya, he noticed a monkey close to Mount Kenya, the patas monkey, the bore a solid resemblance to the fictional Lorax.

It turns out Dr. Seuss remained at a resort in Kenya before writing the book, increase the argument that the monkey was an inspiration.

They space no much longer publishing "And to Think the I witnessed It ~ above Mulberry Street." Random house

Dr. Seuss" first book wasn"t released until 1937, and also it to be rejected 27 times before getting choose up.

This book was dubbed "And come Think that I witnessed It ~ above Mulberry Street," and it no longer being published, in component due toits racism depiction the an eastern character.

His time in the war influenced the personality of exclusive SNAFU. Warner Bros. Cartoons

Known together Captain Geisel, Dr. Seuss offered as a volunteer in the military during civilization War II, as component of the Army"s Information and also Education Division.

In 1943 he produced the cartoon character private SNAFU, i m sorry was motivated by his time in the war, follow to

The book has fewer 보다 50 words. Random house

In 1960, "Green Eggs and also Ham" was reportedly published after Dr. Seuss"s publisher gambling him the he couldn"t create a publication with 50 or fewer words.

The an outcome is his best-selling development that involves some amazing breakfast choices.

Audrey Geisel to be married to Theodore Geisel indigenous 1968 come 1991. Kevin Winter /GettyImages

"I wasn"t mindful that there to be such a thing as a Dr. Seuss. I taught nursing in ~ IU , and doctors to be a an extremely understood name and title," Geisel when told reading Rockets.

She continued, "So, when I was being ushered down this line of around a dozen M.D. Doctors and also I involved Ted and they said, "And this is our an extremely own too ~ Dr. Seuss," I automatically thought interns and also medicine — simply automatically."

youngsters all end still read books by Dr. Seuss. Vince Bucci/GettyImages

In 1984, Dr. Seuss was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his established body of works.

Officially, he won the award for "his special contribution over nearly half a century to the education and enjoyment that America"s children and also their parents," per the Pulitzer website.

The book may have had inspiration from Dr. Seuss's very own life. random House publications for Young reader

Dr. Seuss, who has a book titled "The 500 Hats that Bartholomew Cubbins," gathered a range of hats throughout his lifetime.

According to psychological Floss, he gathered several hundred hats of different varieties, which he would often don in ~ themed dinner parties.

"Nerd" showed up in "If i Ran the Zoo." Random house

What appears to be the very first known, printed consumption of the word "nerd" remained in Dr. Seuss" 1950 publication "If ns Ran the Zoo" — i beg your pardon Dr. Seuss companies is no much longer publishing.

Although the method Seuss used the word differs from our modern-day definition, there is a compelling dispute that he created or motivated it, according to Bustle.

he cowrote the documentary "Design because that Death." RKO pictures

Dr. Seuss won two Oscars in his lifetime.

The very first was in 1947 for best documentary feature for "Design because that Death," which the cowrote through his wife, Helen.

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He won his 2nd Academy compensation a few years later on in 1951 for finest animated quick with "Gerald McBoing-Boing."

"Halloween Is Grinch Night" earned that an Emmy. DePatie-Freleng enterprise

The author and Oscar winner additionally won 2 Emmys for ideal children"s special, i m sorry he got in 1977 and also 1982.

The first was given for "Halloween Is Grinch Night" and also the 2nd was because that "The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat."

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